facebook video download

  1. QuanticIT

    IG Video Scapper?

    Is there any free tools or paid one(cheap) to bulk download Instagram and facebook Video? Like I paste bulk video url and download the files in local folder. Aslo is there anything to find similar videos on instagram?
  2. Infamous Nik

    How to download videos from facebook?

    Hello I want to download about 50 videos from different Fb pages. I am using online downloading sites but the download speed is very slow. 1gb video takes 3 hrs. Is there any way to mass download videos from FB?
  3. hunter_killer

    [ GET ] Download any facebook video

    Hey guys, Just sharing a tool I made. Download any facebook video in available qualities anytime. Bookmark it if you find it useful. ( Not sure if its ok to share the link here, moderator please remove the link if you feel its no right ) Tool - https://keepfbvid.com