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  1. L

    Facebook verification requirement for pages affect running Facebook Ads?

    So facebook notified me that I need to verify my account for page publishing. So if i'm an admin of an fb page & run ads & don't verify, does that stop me from running ads for the page? https://fbtutorial.com/facebook-now-requires-page-publishing-authorization-by-page-owners/ ^this doesn't...
  2. Strade

    Create free UNLIMITED phone numbers [No TextNow or TextPlus] Works for FB, IG, Twitter..

    Hey guys I wanted to make a quick contribution to the forum, I don’t know if it has been posted before, if it has just let me know. Step 1. Go to Twilio . Com Step 2. Click on “Get free API key” Step 3. Sign up with a disposable o real email, enter fake contact details if you want. Step 4...
  3. H

    Need of Facebook Page Verification Badge

    Is there anyone who can get Blue tick mark on my client Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles ?
  4. Alex Saddi

    <a> looking a fb verify

    looking a fb verify page You get verified on Fb page Click here