facebook tool

  1. jeanfrank

    Did you guys use Adcostly?

    Hi guys, I don't know if you tried Adcostly, I wanted to group buy this tool. Really appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks
  2. NobleGuyHere

    Help Me Build Winning Product Machine

    I'm researching a new tool that analyzing Facebook ad library and get winning product based on some data like (Engagement , TimeToEngagement ...) my expectation is so high if these done correctly BUT...... there is a problim and i cant get anywhere without fix it , when you scroll on Facebook...
  3. spesy

    Scenum.io - service for autofarming of Facebook accounts, Google, Instagram, Twitter

    ⚡After registration, a 7-day trial period for 10 profiles without functional restrictions will be automatically activated for you. Refund policy: A refund is possible in the case of the software not working as intended. Please use the contact form on the website to request such a refund. We...
  4. S

    Alternative To Facebook TurboAd Finder

    TurboAd Finder essentially turns your facebook feed into a feed filled with only advertisements, you won't see posts from friends, family, etc...as you normally would. TurboAd Finder hasn't worked in months, and so if anyone knows of an alternative to Facebook TurboAd Finder that would be...
  5. N

    Looking for This Type of FaceBook Tool/Script (Paid-task)

    Someone at FaceBook posting the adult clickable image links via This website http://beliailie.com/ and also with this http://voollerch.com/. If You have this kind of script Pm me I will pay you handsome Money. Thanks
  6. N

    How to develop this type of Facebook Tool?

    Hello Friends/ I need this type of tool/Script. http://voollerch.com/
  7. LawCash

    Facebook comments auto reply

    Hi guys, is the a Facebook tool i can use to automatically reply to Facebook page comments? I tried manychat, chatfuel and mobilemonkey but the reply via direct message
  8. F

    How do I accept all Facebook pending friends request at once without block.

    I have about 900+ facebook pending friends request, my account always get blocked when i try accepting it with facebook Toolkit or any scripts like below. javascript: var field = document.getElementsByClassName("_42ft _4jy0 _4jy3 _4jy1 selected _51sy"); for (i = 0; i < field.length...
  9. shubhamc

    [HELP]Facebook Account Checker Tool!

    Does anyone know of any software that would check facebook accounts in bulk, to see if they are still valid or have been banned or dead/not available etc? Mod's if it's a wrong section then please move the thread :) Thanks!
  10. melfornazari

    Is there any tool that hides link posts?

    Is there any tool/program that hides posts with links after a certain time on your facebook page? I really need that
  11. crossbg

    ███ gPoster ███ The revolution in FACEBOOK GROUP posting - fuck Facebook! █

    This bot allows you to: - Post to UNLIMITED groups - Post without getting banned by captcha - Post in 5 seconds with the user-friendly interface More assets: - You can set interval between the posts but the interval is different every time to avoid ban and captcha - You can use unlimited...
  12. webhostingproviders

    [Req]Facebook Likes Tool, Bot, Software

    What's the best facebook likes tool available in the market now?
  13. S

    Need Tool Which Helps In Collecting Facebook Business Page URL

    Hi, I am looking for tool, which can help me in collecting facebook business page URL and once i have url i can send them messages. Can any one help me to find tools which has this similar function. Thanks in Advance :)
  14. A

    Want tool for Promote my FB Fan Page

    Hi, I need tool for promote my FB page and Post. Some one help me....
  15. A

    Facebook dominator

    hey.. did anyone use the tool: FB dominator ? I am looking for some more info about it and to see if its worth anything ? I am looking for a tool on FB that will generate massive traffic ? You guys know any tools like that ? I dont mind the quality of the traffic just need massive traffic ...
  16. P

    [GET] Facebook Sniper Lite - FREE Facebook Scraper

    FREE Facebook Scraper, scrapes ids and names from Facebook Pages, Groups and Events. Built-in Proxy checker. Built-in Search for Pages, Groups and Events. Coming Soon - Facebook Account Creator. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/AzprE#0 Download ...
  17. S

    What's the latest/Best Facebook Fan Page Tool?

    Curious about suggestions for creating and maintaining/populating a Facebook Fan Page as part of a larger overall strategy. So many FB-tools out there. It's unclear which one's deliver the goods and don't come off looking spamy. This would be for use with a corporate client in the services...
  18. mystery

    Best Alternative To That All-In-One Facebook Tool That Went Down Recently ?

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the best alternative, to the all-in-one facebook software, ******************** ? Ok, the name has been censored... but we all know it... my question isn't related to it, but I'm looking for an alternative, that's all. I heard or read somewhere...
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