facebook security check

  1. B

    Can't login to F.B. old phone number

    Anyone know how to bypass facebook phone number security check? I have an old number attached and don't have access to it. I tried sending the code to email and resetting password and it worked but then immediately after asked for the code sent to the phone on account.
  2. AeroXbird

    Facebook Security Check | By Pass

    Hello community, I have some old facebook account locked, I wonder it the old japan IP tactic works in 2020? What is the alternative way to bypass the security check?
  3. M

    Facebook help!

    Hey guys, im new and not sure if this is the right spot for me to post but im at a loss. im getling into affiliate marketing and bought 10 private proxies. I am trying to make multiple facebook accounts but it only worked once. every time i make a new account on a fresh proxy facebook sends me...
  4. seoadvent

    I got locked out , unlocked and locked out again of FB???

    Hi all , im not sure why , my fb locked out 2days before , they requested me to upload a photo of my self and i did , then yesterday it was unlocked . yesterday i tried logging into my account on my laptop and then logged in my hp , and later after 5-6 hours i logged into my hp again ...
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