facebook review

  1. crystalwiz

    Facebook Review Exchange up to 50+

    Hi guys, let's get the ball rolling. I am up for Facebook review exchange to boost each other's business reputation. If you are interested, please pm or send me a message on Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/IoiZYDsAjPCX The poster of review must have a profile picture. I will provide you...
  2. richboss

    Improve the Online Reputation of your Business buy Google, Facebook, Trustpilot & Yelp Reviews Through 100% Real Users

    Welcome, Sir Do you want to improve your Business on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot& Yelp Reviews through 100% real users. SO, you are in the right place now. GOOGLE Review Google Reviews send customers a positive or negative response to your business, online-store, Restaurant or requirements...
  3. codeman1234

    Looking for Facebook Reviews

    Hello, Need FB page reviews: - must be personal FB account European based, send me your FB link - you post a single pre-written review on a business page permanently - paying $5 via Paypal, will send as gift or friend payment... I can pay half up front after you like the page, if you...
  4. arplayer2k

    Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews NEEDED for Southern California

    I am looking for Yelp reviews for Southern California. Local accounts preferred, aged. Reviews must stick or be replaced. Same with Facbook and Google, looking for local reviews from seasoned accounts. Please message me with your skype details. Thank you
  5. E

    15 fb reviews -$15

    please contact me immediately for this job, thanks
  6. A

    Which are the bad IP's(countries) for facebook ads? for cloaking

    Hi folks. I use cloaking in google and i know which countries to block. Now i start fb ads and I am in the stage of setting up cloaking configurations. Does anyone know which countries fb reviewers(manual review) and bots come from? Thank you in advance!
  7. indianaxjones

    Review exchange USA west coast

    Would anyone like to exchange reviews for Facebook business pages? Looking for reviews from USA west coast accounts. Will exchange review from Las Vegas account.
  8. I

    Facebook Reviews

    Looking to buy multiple 5 star Facebook reviews for a business page. Please message me rates and details. Thanks!
  9. M

    Looking to find someone to purchase or trade reviews using Yelp, Facebook, and Google

    I have been having a competitor (I'm not sure who) post fake reviews about our company, Facebook, Yelp, and Google are unwilling to help stop this behavior. I'm only looking to counter the negative actions back to our normal review system, however, this has been ongoing and might need to be...
  10. EliG_SEO

    Google/Facebook fake review : what not to do

    Hi guys, I want to help a client getting new reviews for his Google My Business and Facebook. I plan to create a new email for each review, but I'm wondering if there's important factors I should be aware of like : 1. How much time between reviews to not get a flag? 2. Since Google ask me a...
  11. Ranking23

    Trustpilot Reviews

    Hello All, We are an online beauty company. We are currently seeking somebody to assist us with Trustpilot and FB reviews!. Please drop us a message in this thread or message. Thanks
  12. S

    Facebook REVIEW ($5 per review)

    I am looking for someone who can post Facebook reviews that can STICK. You'll have to write 1 line of comment of post it as a review on my fan page. Will pay $5 per review that sticks, Initially need 10 Facebook reviews -- if they stick, will purchase more. After QUALITY, not quantity.
  13. alexcooly

    Facebook Custom Review Tab

    Hi, I remember a while ago reading that someone installs a custom review tab on their Fb page to be able to control the reviews. Does anyone know what its called, I looked everywhere online and couldn't find it. Thanks!
  14. Sajid Shah

    Review for my facebook page

    I want to get some positive reviews for my facebook page. I am new to this forum and need help. I need all reviews from Pakistan if possible. Anyone who can help on this please. THank you
  15. eunicemartinez_21

    Looking for facebook page reviews! Need it now.

    I am looking for someone who have multiple facebook accounts to put up a 5star rating and a review to my new page. I will provide the reviews copy. I need around 15 reviews. I need someone now. PM me your price.
  16. H

    Looking for Google pva, facebook pva, google review writer, facebook likes

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can write reviews on my google business page and facebook page. Not all at the same time but about 3-5 reviews per week, not on the same day. From Australian IP. Price must be $0.50 per review. Need some google pva, facebook pva accounts and facebook likes...
  17. dbs00

    Removal of negative Facebook Review?

    Hey, Do you fellas have any experience with the removal of a negative review on FB ? Got a local store (fb local business page with reviews activated ) with 100 x 5 stars, and received 1 x 1 star with a bad comment. That was kinda our staff's fault but still, we sorted it out with that...
  18. imdgod

    Making a review exchange group for Facebook and Google.

    Hi, Pm me your email/FACEBOOK ID if you're interested in being part of facebook and google review group on Facebook.
  19. imdgod

    Creating a FB/Google Review exchange SKYPE group!

    Hi guys, I am creating a Facebook & Google Review exchange group where you can get your page reviewed in return of writing reviews for other members. More member means more reviews! Interested people, please comment your Skype username. Thanks!
  20. needSEO2000

    ++Need Profiles, Reviews, SEO, European, German++

    Dear Sir or Madam, We are a Company with a growing number of customers who look to improve their online Reputation Management. Most of the Customers are from GERMANY maning that ideally our business partners hav any idea about the european market. Also we are looking for partners which means...