facebook payments

  1. Yekxmerr

    Facebook Payment Method - Paypal - Email change still works?

    In the past, when i had a couple of ad accounts disabled, i simply changed the e-mail address on the PayPal to a new one and it was all good to go. Does this method still works? I have no idea what kind of information facebook pulls from Paypal that can identify it as a "flagged" payment method.
  2. S

    Bought FB Ad account with own credit card?

    Hi guys, I want to buy an aged facebook ad account and add my own credit card to it. I have one from UK and one from Lithuania. I tried it already a few times but the accounts always get banned because of suspicious payment activity - probably because the ad account and the cc have not been...
  3. iupdpcvm

    Facebook wont accept payment methods...

    Hi guys, about 3 weeks ago I bought a 7 year old account to use it as my main (create pages, groups, add my friends etc). I didn't do any suspicious activity... Now, I want to age it to create some wh ads later, so I started liking and playing some games. I wanted to buy some resources in a game...