facebook money making

  1. HeRBaR


    Thank God, a dream come true. I started my own BST thread at last. :) Hello, Welcome to my first but not last (I hope) sales page here in BHW. I come from a small poor country located in Balkan, graduated in IT, worked many different jobs since I was 14 years old, part time and full time, but...
  2. jstarkseo

    Facebook Video ADS Help Needed!

    I own a page on facebook which is eligible for monetization from past 30 to 40 days And when I post any video content it asks for showing Ads Break or no, but ads are not coming on the videos. The above videos are still pending in review, some of the videos have 1 Million+ views on...
  3. sarahsaturne

    An Admin of +10K members has a way to "monetize" his hard work and involvment?

    I am the ONLY Admin of 2 groups : one +5K members and one +10K members - no moderators into - theme LEGO. My FACEBOOK page liked by +14K and my profile 4500 friends are both the only ADMIN of these 2 groups. Is there a way to "monetize"/get benefits of my so hard work and involvment...
  4. Nekraj

    [Black Hat Method] Make Money On Facebook $20/day Guide :

    Note : If you don't like black hat method to make money than don't read below . Serious to making money just carry on... 1.Create a fake girls id and fill all the details . 2. Join big facebook group related to dating , friendship ,love ,girls, youngster ,relationship , actors’ fan club etc ...
  5. E

    Monetisation of Facebook Videos

    Hey Guys, I've got a Facebook page based around a niche that gets 20,000 views per video Posted to Facebook. Is there any way to monetise this? I was thinking about trying to contact advertisers asking if they want a 10second advertisement at the start of video and hard-edit it in? Let's...
  6. J

    How To Monetize My Facebook Fan Page ? Need Help

    Hello People, i am a new member with a probably a strange question for some of you, but really need some ideas I own 2 fan pages on facebook, each with over 100k followers. The most common topics are music and hot girls (the pages are "add me pages") The question is, how can i monetize this...
  7. G

    How to get 50000 USA/U.K. traffic to facebook page?

    Hello BHW members, These days I was looking for a niche to get around 50000 real and active fans from USA and UK (I have great monetisation- dowloading files (maybe targetting gamers?)). Any advice what niche should I target? Even less then 50000 would be great I just need them to be active. So...
  8. avi619

    [METHOD] Make money from Facebook - New way!

    Hey guys, This method can be used to gain some quick traffic to your website and can also be used to increase your page likes. What you need- Some facebook accounts (20 should be good). A bot or imacro to automate the method in future. So lets jump into the method- Basically what we will be...
  9. C

    Facebook Page Money Making!

    I'm looking for a few ideas on some additional ways to monetize facebook pages. I have a bunch and can add fans pretty quickly, but looking for good suggestions to send out affiliate sales, ebook offers, etc. Love to hear some suggestions on strategies that seem to work for people Any...
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