facebook marketplace

  1. M

    My Facebook Will Not Block/suspend If I Delete "Needs attention" Items On My Marketplace ?

    hi my question is facebook will block or suspend my facebook marketplace access if remove or delete the "the listing may go our against our rule" items from my listing ?
  2. Bakidaki

    Facebook "AD ACCOUNT" vs "Marketplace account"

    I use facebook marketplace with multiple accounts, some accounts perform much better than other despite working in similar conditions (similar listings and similar profile edit, from same seller) some of them get 5 views per day some get 500 views per day. Yesterday I have been told that...
  3. Bakidaki

    Facebook Marketplace algorithm?

    Wonder if anyone has a way of consistently getting more views on facebook marketplace posts. Been using it for years and it always feels so random, just the other day I got over 1,000 views in 24 hours on a post (a regular item, nothing special, with regular description and pictures), and then...
  4. Bakidaki

    Facebook marketplace tactic for having the algorithm work in your favor?

    Are there any facebook marketplace tactics or things to do to get more organic views? I have been doing the old incognito browser search to get my views up (and it does get the views up) but feel that it did not help one bit with getting the algorithm going. which is very different on regular...
  5. dillywilly

    Mass FB marketplace posting whats is this method called ? and how can i do this ? ( PIC )

    Hey Guys i keep seeing this facebook posting pop up where they take the same ad and mass post it in every city ? does anyone know how they do it and what tools they use ? thanks in advance
  6. B

    Help Getting Facebook Marketplace Accounts Banned

    I'm trying to get a few competitors Facebook Marketplace accounts taken down and permanently banned, I've tried reporting from different accounts doesn't work, does anyone know any strategy to get a few marketplace accounts permanently taken down, basically they are just constantly spamming ads...
  7. adshelp

    Facebook Marketplace Knowledge Made Me $2570 In One Day!

    I have been working on Facebook Marketplace since 2020, One guy paid me $2570 on 24th February. It is my biggest earning in one day period. Thanks everyone.
  8. C

    Searching on Facebook marketplace?

    Using the nationwide method my results get limited after a few days, anyone have experience searching on fbmp consistently?
  9. M

    Does anyone know of any bulk automation tools for Facebook Marketplace?

    Hi, I am looking for a tool that can automate the bulk listing of items on Facebook Marketplace, because I have a large number of accounts that need to list items, and manual posting is very inefficient, thank you.
  10. Promise Obi

    Your USA Facebook Marketplace my service

    I want to JV with someone that has a Facebook marketplace account that can post ads. You'll be in charge of posting ads, while I give you all the information needed. Looking at long term partnership, so if you're in send me a DM
  11. G

    Where to buy Facebook accounts for Facebook Marketplace?

    Hello, BHW, Where to buy facebook accounts warmed for Marketplace? With new accounts if you can post on marketplace you will not get any visitor or you can get maximum 6-7 messages. What kind of facebook accounts to buy in order to post on marketplace unlimited?
  12. A

    What Are Your Favorite Platforms (Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.) To Dropship On?

    I personally mainly run on Facebook Marketplace and have a bit of experience on both eBay and Shopify. I personally believe Facebook and Facebook shops have an enormous upside, and I know people who are consistently pulling $10-20k a month with teams of VAs, and it is relatively simple to get...
  13. dillywilly

    looking for VPS servers that work great for FB accounts.

    Hello im looking for a good USA vps /remote desktop connection that i can manage my facebook accounts and use marketplace .My accounts to server ratio will 1:1 please advise which is a good server to go with im not looking to spend a ton just looking for reliability and scalability thanks.
  14. dillywilly

    Facebook Marketplace tags/keyword research help

    Hello how can i find the most searched keywords/tags on facebook marketplace ? im looking for automotive keywords and i need help finding tags / keywords i was thinking of using google keyword planner for searching up any more accurate advice greatly appreciated
  15. R

    How to create a US Facebook account from Overseas for dropshipping

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here :) How do you create a US Facebook account from, let's say, Canada and then get the shipping option enabled? I saw on YouTube someone suggesting you need a VPN and virtual machine to do this. I am totally fine with purchasing a US Facebook account with...
  16. dbs00

    WTB Facebook group posting / marketplace listings

    hey I'm interested in buying Facebook groups posting for specific nieches If you have facebook accounts ready pm me (preferable some accounts with activity) Or you can manually copy paste this skype ID live:support_42971
  17. M

    Need advice on cheap mobile proxy for Facebook Marketplace.

    Hi everyone! I was looking through BHW marketplace for mobile proxy for Facebook Marketplace but the cheapest one I found was for like $200/month. Does any of you use something cheaper? Could you send me the name of provider or a link? If I get it right I need at least 4g (maybe 3g idk) with...
  18. W

    How to contact Facebook Marketplace people from other countries

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to contact people from US and Canada on facebook marketplace but, for some reason it is blocked to talk with people from other countries. I would like to know if anyone knows a workaround for this, so facebook allows me to message people from other parts of...
  19. R1ckS4nch3z

    How can I make my Facebook profile as in the US to unlock buy button?

    Hey folks, I am trying to open the buy button on the Facebook marketplace, however, since I am in a country where the marketplace is not fully supported Facebook does not allow me to get the buy button. Is there someone who sells on FB marketplace and unlocked buy button and shipping? I tried...
  20. A

    How to post services ad in facebook marketplace?

    I've been trying to post different services like home and pest control service but they don't get approved. I see many ads like this kind of service on FB marketplace. Is there a right way to do it please help.