facebook link

  1. E

    your account was compromised

    Hi, I'm trying to log in to my Instagram, but it says your account was compromised, change password. I can't change the password, because I registered with a Facebook account, I don't know my old password, Facebook automatically choosed a password. I can't enter forgot my password, Instagram...
  2. Sheraz Ali

    How These Guys Getting Do Follow Link From Facebook free.facebook.com

    Look at this screenshot How they get this type of link from facebook or this link has link juice to pass or just dead please tell me
  3. Bloodseeker

    Facebook banned my website's link permanently!

    So, a few days back I increased some likes and comments on one of my posts on my Facebook Page through an SMM panel. First I got the notification that the post looks spammy, so they removed it. No worries, I tried to post my article's link on Facebook again, and it's giving this error: I...
  4. HenryObi

    How Do I Stop Facebook From Delete Links/Posts With Links On My Fans Page?

    Hi BHW, Been working with FB as my only source of traffic for sometime now it's not been very good but not still growing, I started having the issue of facebook deleting any post that has a link that I share to my page. First they started by banning/blocking my site URL on facebook, now any...
  5. H

    Help me my website is blocked

    Hi, I start opening a new website and it get hundreds of share but Facebook Block it after 2 hours of start posting. Did any one of you have some ideas to unblock it or any worked page to contact Facebook ?
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