facebook groups search

  1. sandandkush

    Facebook Groups Search: Send Me Your Keyword & I'll Find The Top Groups For You

    Send me your keyword and I'll curate the top groups, which have the most members, and send you a list. Rules: One keyword per user. Limited to the First 50 requests.
  2. eaglesWTF

    Looking for : Facebook Group Search tool

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a Facebook Groups search tool. I'm looking tool which can use fast and search bulk different Keywords and to save only the groups with lets say 5.000 or more users. I've found many different tools for Facebook Groups but all of them so far dont have this feature...
  3. W

    Add Facebook group members

    I have a website where sell some products and I want to use Facebook to generate traffic. I have created pages and groups.As a new group, how to add members and make the group active?
  4. M

    Add me to your fb group exchange

    Hey i hope this is a good idea, i looked and could not find a thread already doing this but if there is one i am sorry for doing a repeat. one of the best ways to get traffic is with Facebook groups but if you apply to too many you get blocked so why not add each other to groups. just post...
  5. lalit_burma

    Free facebook groups list on your topic for the facebook marketing strategy

    We will give you facebook groups list on your topic with the Group email addresses Simply tell us your topic on thread and we will send you PM with the list and email addresses of the related groups on facebook. Example - Facebook Group list of Clash of Clans - Facebook Group URL No of...
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