facebook group joining

  1. pulok

    [Help]How to find niche related fb groups???

    Hey guys,i wanted to know how i can find niche related group of different country.Is there any trick or method here.
  2. Socialpanda

    Problem to join Facebook groups

    Hello, i m suffering to join Facebook groups. my accounts locked too fast :( i join only 10-15 per day but still getting locked every accounts. any one are suffering same problem??
  3. S

    Adding Members from one group to a another

    Hey Everyone, I need bit of help. I am admin of one Facebook group with around 49k members. I have created one new group and want to add all the people in my old group to my new group. Is there any way i can do it. I know i can post on old group and ask them to join new group but i am looking...
  4. varun barve

    [Q] Facebook Daily Limits??

    Hey, guys, I wanted to know some daily limits on facebook.. I saw some posts but they are old and Facebook has become strict after the update. Can you guys tell me? How many groups can we join in a day? and how many days a week should I do it? How many messages can I send on messenger daily...