facebook friend bomber

  1. EmailMaster

    Facebook Friend Bomber vs Facedominator

    Hey, Can anyone comment on this? What is better? Support, Software, Updates, Tutorials, ect... Im looking to get into facebook and im about to buy one of these softwares. Id like some input thanks A lot
  2. saladino2004

    [Problem] Facebook Friend Bomber

    hi BH's i am facing a problem with Facebook Friend Bomber ,when click on any group of members to gather their ID'S it opens a new box containing the members and i can't collect any id's !!! please help me with this problem ,i think i'm doing something wrong ?? thanks in advance..
  3. macdonjo3

    does anyone use FFB - Facebook Friend Bomber to add friends?

    has anyone had any success with it? I have it and it sorta messes up a lot and asks for captchas a lot, so I am just wondering if anyone has made any accounts with this, like 50-5000 friends? thanks mac
  4. macpaulos

    [help] How many friends to add in one go?

    With FFB (Facebook Friend Blaster) there are many different opinions on how many friends you can add at a time. Also there is alot of speculation on what intervals to set. How many friends should I add and how many seconds should I set it at?? Big thanks for anyone who can provide useful...
  5. B

    How to automatically accept friends?

    Is there a way to accept all friends that send requests to me in facebook? Thanks for your help!
  6. B

    Adding friends in facebook

    I have some doubts about adding friends in facebook since I'm starting to use it: 1)Do the programs facebook friend bomber or facebook friend blaster still function? 2)How many friend requests do you normally send per day without looking suspicious? Is there an amount at which facebook...
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