facebook friend adder

  1. R

    Searching for the Best Facebook Automation Software

    What sup guys, I'm currently looking for the best automation software for Facebook. Looking for something very similar to FollowLiker for IG or Twitter. Has to be able to support multiple accounts, proxies, and use multi-threads. The main tasks I am looking to Automate is the adding of...
  2. S

    Facebook auto account manager(friend adder, accepter, auto like) Bot with free license!

    Hello friends, Created a new bot ,which can send facebook friend requests, accept all of your pending friend requests, auto like friends status.all of your manual facebook tasks are completed automatically. Sound good, huh? Here is the interface: Here is live video demonstration...
  3. S

    Facebook friend adder, request accepter, Autolike all in one software {Get free license)!

    Tired of managing facebook accounts? Now you can manage all of your facebook accounts with one click Created a new software called " Facebook Auto manager" for this purpose! Module included: Facebook Friend Adder Facebook Friend request Accepter Facebook Autolike Facebook Friend...
  4. V

    Affiliates Wanted - "My Method For Making $500 A Day on Facebook"

    http://XXXX.camp2009.hop.clickbank.net Replace XXXX with your Clickbank Nickname.
  5. V

    Need 5k-10k U.S. Friend Adds for FB Fanpage

    Anybody who can do this please PM me your prices for both. I see other threads regarding this, but don't want to hijack, and have had little luck communicating with anybody I've seen respond to these. Please PM ASAP. Thanks.
  6. macpaulos

    [help] How many friends to add in one go?

    With FFB (Facebook Friend Blaster) there are many different opinions on how many friends you can add at a time. Also there is alot of speculation on what intervals to set. How many friends should I add and how many seconds should I set it at?? Big thanks for anyone who can provide useful...
  7. B

    How to automatically accept friends?

    Is there a way to accept all friends that send requests to me in facebook? Thanks for your help!
  8. B

    Adding friends in facebook

    I have some doubts about adding friends in facebook since I'm starting to use it: 1)Do the programs facebook friend bomber or facebook friend blaster still function? 2)How many friend requests do you normally send per day without looking suspicious? Is there an amount at which facebook...
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