facebook fans

  1. X

    Alternative Monetization Method For FB/Facebook Babes/Girls Pages/Groups After FB/Facebook Instant Article gone

    Intro: I have facebook pages and groups with USA/UK/CA/AUS pages with 99% Men audience. I can generate more. Monetization: I was getting $15-30 per 1k visits on fb instant article. With the amount of traffic I currently own I was generating $2k-3k per day. Issue: Facebook have retired instant...
  2. dokasaf

    Who can provide Country Targeted Facebook Fans?

    Hello everyone, If you can provide 100% real country targeted Facebook Fans feel free to ping me.
  3. dokasaf

    Looking for Country Targeted Facebook Fans Likes

    Would like to buy facebook fans and likes, 100% Real, Targeted to ISRAEL country.
  4. ShakyBR

    LikesMarket.com - The panel that works. We are not resellers. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

    Hello everyone! LikesMarket.com provide unique social service, we do not resale others (In most of services). We provide likes from real peoples (not from bots) but cost a lot. If mentioned instant start - start is really instant. Api is available also. Our current services: ======...
  5. dokasaf

    Looking for *Country Targeted* Facebook Fans Likes

    Would like to buy facebook fans and likes, 100% Real and Country Targeted. Anyone?
  6. dokasaf

    Looking for ISRAEL country Targeted Facebook Fans Likes

    Would like to buy facebook fans and likes, 100% Real, Targeted to ISRAEL country.
  7. zawad_karim

    Giving Away 500 Free Real Facebook Fans and 1000 YT Views

    Hi there, This is Zawad from Zuk-Media. I have gained and learnt a lot from this community. No amount of thank yous would be enough to repay the amount of knowledge that I have gained from here and the number of times this community has helped me out. I usually conduct free giveaways but the...
  8. HenryObi

    Need A Bot To Message Facebook Fans(people who like page) Directly Outside Of ChatBots

    Hi, Just as the topic says. I'm looking for a bot or a tool or even script that could enable me send messages directly to my facebook fans. Messenger bots won't work because they were my fans before I started using chatbots. So am basically looking for a tool/bot that'll enable me convert them...
  9. wudiam

    Best method to get real Facebook Page Likes

    Hi, I've been reselling Facebook Page Likes for more than 8 months now and my customers want real targeted likes. The only way I was able to figure out I could do this without having access to Facebook marketing account is ads like Google Adwords. Is there any other better way to get real...
  10. CenterCB

    centerCB.org - SMM Reseller Panel - Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/Tiktok/Twitch/Spotify Provider

    Hello everyone, CenterCB SMM Platform has been providing social media services since 2013, providing the best quality we can at very cheap prices that are tailored for resellers. Some of Our Featured Services ====== Facebook ====== Facebook Real Page Likes/Follows From $0.58 / 1,000 Facebook...
  11. mysteriox


    Hello there friend. As you can see here, we are providing 100% Real human fans with real profiles and active. All fans mostly from USA and World Tier 1 Countries. Unlike others, our fans are have friends and also have more chance to interact your page while other promise bot, social media...
  12. A

    A way to get Facebook fake likes/fans?

    Hi there, From my experience Facebook likes exchange is dead. You can add 1,000 fans to your page using addmefast for example and after 2 days 950 of them will be gone. Is there any free way to get fake fans for Facebook pages? I'm not asking about real fans because I just need to increase...
  13. W

    Sponsored Facebook posts

    Hi, I'm looking for large facebook fan page holders who are able to get at least 5 - 10k clicks (than more than better) per post. My content is legit about waist cincher. Add me on skype to discuss further details: hai.liwei002 Thanks
  14. Iamtheman

    [Giveaways] 100 American Base Facebook Page Likes to 10 People

    Hi We are back with new giveaways for Facebook page likes.Likes from North and South america. Real and active user ( No activity guarantee ). I will add 100 Likes to your page ( 10 people maximum ). Post on this thread and I will choose 10 member. Note : You must be a JR VIP or more to get...
  15. G

    Verification badge for my Facebook page?

    Ok, this is getting annoying now. I have been looking for methods to get my Facebook page verified. Tried everything from submitting a request, mentions application, filling all the details and reporting fake accounts, nothing worked out for me. Is there anything that I have missed? How many of...
  16. Iamtheman

    [ Giveaways ] 10000 Facebook Likes

    Hey I am back again for giveaways and this time for Facebook Likes. I will give 1000 Facebook Likes to 10 Member I will select for this. I will prefer if you have 200+ Post with Jr VIP or more.So, just Reply on this thread and wait for my PM. Thanks
  17. A

    Facebook Followers

    How can you get more followers?
  18. SocialFire

    Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers!! *High Quality Services* (Approved)

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" -----> SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES FOR FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER<----- *...
  19. xlcrash

    Facebook fraud!!!

    If somebody didnt saw this video I highly recommend to take a look!
  20. xlcrash

    Check every facebook page!!!

    Hi guys, I hope that you'll find this information useful... Follow this link: http://www.sterntv-experimente.de/FacebookLikeCheck/# and check every facebook page, how many fans and from which countries... just after slash (/) type name of the page or ID...Cheers :)
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