facebook fans page

  1. S

    How do you get fans to your fb pages?

    HI, how i can increase my fans? I have free games site, and want improve my social interacion, what methods suggest to me? I don't want get fake fb users. I can use clickjacking, scripts, smart tools, etc Thanks I you offer mentor services, i can hire you
  2. IndianGrad

    How does being admin of Facebook fanpage help in getting fans now?

    I thought that being admin of Fanpage wasn't really beneficial in terms of getting fans now a days. Back when Twiends was in use, that made sense. But now also, I see around people telling that "Without admin privileges I can get you xxx likes. For more, you'd have to give me admin...
  3. M

    I need to hire Social Networking (FB, Twitter, Youtube) Expert

    I want to launch my new forex product. I do not have time to work in social networking. I need to hire expert that can: - help me find leads on FB/Twitter/Youtube. It can be FB friends/fans, Twiter follower and Youtube friends/subscriber, without getting banned. And I need targeted leads to...
  4. X

    I need FACEBOOK friends in one of my groups

    Hi, I need friends in one of my groups. I need people only from "SPAIN" not any other country. PM if you can offer to me this service. Would be great if you can use facewizard to get them. I also need to know how many people can you add me by week. I want the people from specific fan groups...
  5. B

    Monetizing facebook groups

    I came across some doubts while creating facebook groups. From what I read it's best to wait the groups to have several members to start monetizing them. But the question is will the previous members see the posts in the group? In my case with my personal account I've joined quite a lot of...
  6. N

    Get these 100,000 friends in Facebook

    Do that in the fastest manner possible! What do you need to do? Follow these steps: -Create 5 accounts at a time -Join all groups you can see (mobwars, mafia wars, farm town, sorority life, pet society, typing maniac and all those groups) -Add them to the ?Add Me? and ?Mass Add? threads -Wait...
  7. A

    Buying facebook friends

    Has someone some experience whit buying facebook friends and group fans? tx
  8. B

    Adding friends in facebook

    I have some doubts about adding friends in facebook since I'm starting to use it: 1)Do the programs facebook friend bomber or facebook friend blaster still function? 2)How many friend requests do you normally send per day without looking suspicious? Is there an amount at which facebook...
  9. C

    What's the best and fastest way to get fans for a Fanpage?

    I'm just curious what you guys think, I'm pretty new to this whole thing. I don't have money, so I'm just wondering if anbody has any pointers for getting alot of fans on Facebook? Please Help. Thanks
  10. M

    It is easy to get Fans to your Facebook Page

    Hi All, I have seen there are lots of fans pages which have 50K, 60K fans. What they are doing i don't know but I have created a fans page for social media got 500 fans to my facebook page in just few day's with only sharing good content. Now i am receiving 100 fans per day it means with...
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