facebook fan page

  1. R

    May I use my Facebook page for earning

    Hello everyone, I have a Facebook page which have more than 40k followers. All are real users and active. Suddenly I saw huge engagement on my page and lots of knock on messenger. Would you please suggest me, how can I use it for making money?
  2. codeman1234

    Cannot change username on FB page

    Hi everyone, For the last week I been trying to change and create usernames on my Facebook Pages but, I am not able since I been getting this error "Unable to check availability". Is this an error on Facebook or in my account? Is anyone else getting this error? How can this error be fixed? Thanks!
  3. Mane.D

    Any solution to destroy fb page of the competition?

    Hello, About a year and a half I started my Facebook online store, I buy things in a specific niche and then resell them in my country. (a small country with about 2m people :D ) I was maybe the first who started to sell products from that niche, but after a year and a half I was having 30+...
  4. mohamedabdo

    loooking for programming expert

    I looking to programming expert and honest to create some automation ideas with Facebook and Linkedin and google maps please if any person can guide and help me to the website have good developers and honests no upwork not good or fiver not good also IF any programmer here is an expert no money...
  5. seojen

    Are Facebook Fan Pages Still Effective for Driving Traffic to a Website?

    Hi guys, I have a site that's 1 year old and I'm struggling getting decent amount of traffic to it. Site is in women lifestyle niche and I'm thinking about creating its fan page. - Do you guys think it's worth my time? - Is any of you guys getting some good traffic from a fan page? - Any tip...
  6. ggvbro

    My fan page reach decreased

    Hello guys, First thank you for reading my thread. i have a facebbok page 2048 likes. some weeks before the reach was : 200-300 people reached the issue came when i have posted some posts in some groups with my page (i joined groups as page), i guess someone reported my posts as spam: as a...
  7. J

    Want To Buy Big Facebook Pages With Real Likes

    Hey BHW-sellers ;-) I want to buy multiple Facebook pages with 30.000+ fans from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Turkey or Germany. I don't need any trash pages with 50k fake likes and no engagement, so please just send me serious offers. To save time, please...
  8. I

    Want to buy aged Facebook Fanpage with Fans

    Hello, I want to buy multiple aged fb pages (at least 6 months old) with a few postings and fans. The more, the better.
  9. I

    Facebook comment auto responder anyone?!

    With the recent ban of bots that FB did, for auto replying to pages ect.....does ANYONE KNOW ANY that still work WITH a Mac computer??
  10. N

    facebook page fans

    hi guys is there any way to growing a facebook page i mean any tools ur black hat or something
  11. N

    How to bulk message Facebook Fan pages

    Hi, i am currently looking for a script or software with the capacity to bulk message Facebook Fan pages from a Facebook profile. For example, i would like to search all Facebook pages in a certain location operating a renovation/construction business. I would then use the script to inbox all...
  12. Mahinder Pal

    Why does my facebook fan page unpublished automatically again and again?

    I have created a Facebook Fan Page to promote my business online. I have about 100 likes on the page and it is about women clothing. My page is automatically getting unpublished again and again. Can you please help me out to counter this problem.
  13. Fbtrade

    Facebook fan page unpublished

    My 1M page is unpublished by Facebook 1 year Ago, some guys keep talking about a appeal trick and they got their pages published. Can anyone help me to republish it again? Thanks
  14. - WSA - WordSmith Agency

    Recovering Facebook Pages

    Hi everyone. Has anyone any technique to send good appeal to facebook and remove limits from pages.
  15. A

    Tool to find active fan pages???

    Hey is there a way on Facebook search to find niche fan pages or a tool that does this? By filtering by number of fans, last date the fan page posted, geo etc ?
  16. M

    Low product cost promotion

    Hi guys! I'm new here at BHW but have some experience with internet marketing. I have a product that is only $6.95. What would you say is the best way to promote via facebook? I have a fanpage and get good engagement but I want to do paid ads. You think I can still make a good profit with a low...
  17. kikiriki

    [ GIVEAWAY ] Amazing way to get free Facebook Fan Page Fans - Premium class

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share with you my new class "Amazing way to get free Facebook Fan Page Fans". In this class i show a simple way that i use everyday to increase my facebook fan pages for free without paying for ads. If you own fb fan page or want to get started with facebook fan pages...
  18. swagbasedgodswag

    How to successfully convert profiles to pages?

    This is my first go at this. I have built up a hot female profile up to 5K full of niche related friends and now I want to convert her profile into a page and merge pages with my niche page. Is this a simple task or am I risking losing my profile? Also, say if I do accomplish everything and...
  19. S

    Facebook organic reach is NOT dead - $13 000 in 3 months

    Despite all the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm, you can still make some good profits without paying for ads. Back in April i started a sweepstakes page on Facebook, where pretty much all the content are giveaways/sweepstakes - monetized by affiliate links. My page currently has 13...
  20. afreenv

    Give Away 9.7k Likes Facebook Fan page

    Hello, i am having 9.7k Real Facebook Fan page likes. But there is no use of me. I have no time to maintain this page. I am going to giveaway this page to someone. I need someone who care this page. Comment PM Plus thank to my thread. Fan page Link...
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