facebook fan invites

  1. withatwist

    I'm Looking Into Starting Facebook Fanpage Invite Group

    Here's what I'm proposing... You need invites to your Facebook fanpage and you have one profile with 5,000 friends and 20 other people have at least one profile with 5,000 friends. That's a minimum of 105,000 friends (21 x 5,000). The premise of this group is self-explanatory. We pull our...
  2. sifo90

    Add 5K facebook friends {Help}

    I create a new facebook account but the old way to add friends by email scraping doesn't work in Fb. So any other way to send a request to all my list?
  3. W

    Method to invite all your friends to like your page

    Hi guys WHUGUY is here ;) Today I will share a method to invite all your friends to like your page First click on invite friends pop up appear now right mouse click - inspect element - and click on console now just past this code enter ! enjoy :cool:
  4. T

    How to get 500 Facebook Fans in a day

    hi all.. just want to share how easy to get 500 facebook fan in a day i got 100 fan within an hours, just like click exchange, we like other fans and other like our fan pages mostvotedsite[dot]com/register.php if they ask a referer, just add at the end of url: ?ref=1...
  5. bornformoney

    Facebook fanpage question

    So, I have a fanpage 100k+ is there any way to invite all of them to an event i'll be creating?
  6. R

    Facebook Emails and or ID's Scraped From Fan Page

    I need someone that knows how to scrape the followers off a few fan pagea that I found in my Real Estate Niche and invite them to be a fan of mine? I would like to have their emails if possible or at least just invite them to my fan page. Here is one of the fan pages I would like to get...
  7. D

    [WTT] i don't care how many frens you have but i have 7k+ frens to invite to your fan page

    Hi guys, How to start from ZERO to become HERO? One of the best way of increasing your traffic to your site and for FREE is Social Networking Websites. Facebook would be my first choice for getting targeted traffic as it is #1 Social Bookmarking website. Averagely, Facebook has more than 300...
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