facebook disable

  1. Y

    How long does it take FB to verify my ID ? Legit activity

    I was managing my ads and running some new ones, and all of a sudden FB logged me out from my account and asked me for a photo verification, I send in my photo then after 24h now they're asking me for ID verification, I've uploaded my ID and send it for verification and still waiting for...
  2. M

    Facebook Disable Flag user data memory

    Hi, I have researched a few posts and videos regarding ad accounts getting banned, and they recommended if you would like to restart an ad account, DO NOT promote the same product (basically restart your business with another name) and Do Not use the same credit card you used. Dont know about...
  3. Mr Rishav

    Your Facebook Account Disabled ? Maybe I can help !

    Has your Facebook Account been disabled and you have tried everything to open it and still not successful ? Maybe I can help . Just give your email and name of the profile and of course DOB I will try to open it.