facebook checkpoint

  1. CalinY

    Facebook profile checkpoint problem

    I used the proxy of my own server in my country and encountered the checkpoint frequently. Can anyone with experience in this matter help me? I really appreciate your opinion.
  2. T

    Help me recover facebook avoid checkpoint

    Hello . i have a question as when i recover facebook USA via email (i faked ip transform usa)then change password, i have been checked point that confirm old comments. Detail information as picture below who can help me login to the acc when i had email and uid facebook
  3. M

    I lost my account please help

    Hi I lost my 3 years old face account because fb require id identity proof. Problem i v put fake name and birthdate. How i can restore it or bypass this. Fake id card in photoshop? Or correct id card with incorrect infos?
  4. C


    Hi Guys when i open my facebook account with any autopilot software facebook told me that i need to change my password and sometimes they close my account how i can solve this problem Please ?
  5. Liwu

    Facebook checkpoint problem.

    I'm developer for facebook account creator software. While working until yesterday, no account can be opened today. All account get checkpoint. Has anyone been able to understand the cause of the problem?
  6. shaggy99

    How not to trigger Facebook checkpoints in 2019 ?

    Because I had hard time making more than 3 accounts on my home ip, I thought that I should create new facebook accounts on different Google chrome profiles, with different free proxies enabled on each profile. But it gets worse. A few minutes after each account was created I get the SMS...
  7. phantasma

    facebook is on crack

    i don't usually logout of my personal facebook account, neither do i do any suspicious activities using that account, so today i tried checking out my fb and now this? i swear facebook is on crack
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