facebook blue tick

  1. R

    Facebook (Blue Tick) Needed

    Hello, I need Facebook (Blue Tick), I'm fine if it's pre-verified or you can get a new page verified
  2. E

    FB & İG Verification - Blue Tick - Can you get ?

    Hello there Work will be done for 20 -25 accounts per month These people are celebrities, artists, youtubers, or public figures. Looking for someone who will work continuously and finish the process quickly at an affordable price
  3. S

    Facebook Blue tick and Wikipedia page

    Hi, I work for an Industrial Park in Mumbai, India that is looking to expand in other states. I am looking for freelancer/agency that can get us Facebook Blue tick (Insta and twitter is a plus) and Wikipedia page giving details about the company, with necessary PR articles required for the...
  4. H

    Facebook Account Verification Guaranteed (Blue Batch Needed)

    Hello Folks, i am Looking For a Person or a Company who can Verify Facebook Profiles [Blue Batch] with Gurrenty . i Have Regular Clients so if anyone can do that We can Do Regular Bussiness [Note :- Price Should be Reasonable :)] Thank You in Advance HunterLife
  5. R

    I need Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me and some Instagram Business Accounts
  6. Steve Waller

    Facebook and Instagram Verification Needed

    Title says it all. I'm on the lookout for somehow who could verify the profiles at a competitive pricing. I know how the process works, just need someone with better deals. I have few accounts that needs to be verified asap. PM me, we can discuss further.
  7. Array Experts

    Facebook Page And Profile Verification (Blue Tick) Update 2017

    I really amazed the knowledge hub bhw don't have any good post about facebook page/profile verification. In past i saw some post asking about the same but i never found any working information (atleast for me). So i start researching on this i spoken dozens of people who got verified, how they...