facebook blaster problem

  1. 4

    How do I not send messages to a person more than once in Facebook Blaster Pro?

    Hey I just registered for this forum specifically to inquire about Facebook Blaster Pro's messenger. I've used it once, and I don't want to send a message to a person twice. Is there a way for each friend id to be removed from imported gathered id's after I send a message to that friend ID? I...
  2. macpaulos

    [help] How many friends to add in one go?

    With FFB (Facebook Friend Blaster) there are many different opinions on how many friends you can add at a time. Also there is alot of speculation on what intervals to set. How many friends should I add and how many seconds should I set it at?? Big thanks for anyone who can provide useful...
  3. L

    What's happening to facebook friend bomber/friend adder/ or the likes?

    I recently used Facebook Blaster Pro to add some friends..But the problem is, I can't gather any IDs. Whenever I press the gather ID button it won't gather anything and I know I'm doing the right directions. It wasn't like that the last time I used it( which was about 2weeks ago ). My friends...
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