facebook blackhat

  1. Q

    Facebook account warm up experts needed! :)

    Hi there, I want to build a team of professionals that has experience warming up HQ Facebook accounts. I will manage the team, provide the tools (ie Proxy, MLA etc) and a monthly retainer for your service. You need to have a strong computer and Skype availability. Cheers! :)
  2. GoOnStrike

    Hello World!

    Hey guys, glad to finally join this forum as a member. Been farming accounts and advertising BH on FB, for the past two years. Been running a 12 person marketing team, advertising different niches for a monthly budget of $50k or so. Can also help with monetization of crypto traffic. English and...
  3. Affiliate3750

    Facebook Ads Black Hat

    hello guys, I work in the forex crypto niche, and one of my best campaigns was on facebook, recently I got some issues with my content, as you know financial market ads are heavy, and I'm looking to work in blackhat way like someone I heard about, he gets great results, so guys any help how...
  4. KSoze

    Does Anyone Offer a Black Hat FaceBook Course?

    I see dozens of add agency White Hat courses. Does Anyone Offer a Black Hat FaceBook Course?
  5. Prosperato

    Facebook BH Campaign - Help Needed !

    Hi, I want to run CPA offers on Facebook. I know some fellow affiliates who are doing it and got some directions but it's all blurry for me right now and I am the asking the community for help. Basically I need to know everything from zero on how to run blackhat facebook campaigns. Hopefully...
  6. dontfarm

    [dont.farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    Trusted Facebook cloud accounts for your profitable advertising campaign. Special deal for affiliates who works with whitehat and blackhat offers. Our client's already successfully drive traffic for such type of offers: gambling and betting; nutra (health and beauty); binary options...
  7. N

    Looking for This Type of FaceBook Tool/Script (Paid-task)

    Someone at FaceBook posting the adult clickable image links via This website http://beliailie.com/ and also with this http://voollerch.com/. If You have this kind of script Pm me I will pay you handsome Money. Thanks
  8. tianyah

    some experience of using Vietnum accounts

    we are running nutra on FB, have been spending over 20K dollars past serveral months. have been using quite several sources, really ice and fire experience. There are many kinds of accounts: credit card, invoice, BM2500. Some give you many restrictions: can't do adult, can't do fake news, must...
  9. A

    FB UID still relevant?

    I know I can't build a custom audience anymore using FB UID, but is there a tool I can use to do other things? Send personal msg, invite to events, invite to FB page, scrape more info, tag them in posts, anything at all?
  10. jasmspen

    Is there a way to replicate dad's FB account so I can out him @ thanksgiving dinner?

    aside from doing it the long way--i feel like there should be a tool for this ? and of course this is just to embarrass pop's in front of rest of the family
  11. natedogg

    Facebook Ad Spy

    Hey, is there a FB ad spy. I know I saw some of them on BHW but none worked. I used adfox and spyad with no luck. Thanks
  12. N

    facebook misuse

    Have you ever misused any features of Facebook?
  13. M

    How can i get 2k real facebook like in my new business page free!

    Hi guys! I need 2k targeted American people Facebook like in my new Facebook business page. Please help me by suggesting effective method.
  14. N

    Need US doorway traffic, need blackhat traffic from search engines

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and registered here to find someone who may help to buy cheap US traffic which I need to send to my link (the linke is 100% clean and shows several ads at a time). Traffic may be coming from doorways or from any other sources which use search engines to...
  15. B

    Update your Facebook go Timeline

    FACEBOOK TIMELINE ... lets enjoy Facebook launch Timeline bar , update your :beach_pla reply me now send you the update link .......