facebook banned

  1. L

    how to avoid facebook blocked if i am selling famous brand products like nike?

    i want to sell Nike and Bosch on facebook page, but my account gets suspended. How can i use facebook ads and not get banned because of it?
  2. C

    Automatically Report/Ban Facebook Pages?

    I've encountered an intriguing challenge with a client who has a substantial following and a verified account on both Facebook and Instagram. They are being targeted by individuals creating numerous fake pages daily, impersonating their brand. In order to protect their reputation and prevent...
  3. ronnieallstar

    Looking for Facebook Advertising help on Starting from Scratch

    Hi everyone, I'll try shorten my story here. I was banned from running or managing any facebook ads whatsoever 3 years ago now. Facebook went back even 5 years and just sending me ban ban ban emails for stuff I haven't run in years. Any ways long story short I am still to this day completely...
  4. A

    Looking for someone to run FB ads for me

    about a year ago I started running ads through my personal account for my clothing store selling my own branded clothing. For some reason Facebook restricted the account and this kept happening even after I sent them my I.d. I got so fed up that I made other accounts in order to run ads I now...
  5. zeldaisback

    Facebook accounts with mobile proxies!

    Hello guys, anyone working with this combo of multilogin and mobile proxies for farming facebook acccounts! i dont want to pay a mobile proxy for each session, that would be very expensive to manage. Instead i do ip rotation each time i change sessions to open other accounts. Anyone doing the...
  6. S

    Facebook perma ban conundrum

    Had my 18 year old personal Facebook get perma banned. (Aka my request to appeal was denied) which sucks because a lot of my business contacts are on it. But whatever, it’s annoying but I don’t sweat it, I’ll just make a new one... so about a month later I make a new one. (New email, same unique...
  7. blacklotus_89

    How do I get back facbook account block

    My facebook have been locked without any reason. I mailed to facebook support but havent got any response yet. Huhu. Help me
  8. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  9. MrJackie

    Facebook Mega Banned My Account For No Reason

    Hello everybody, So the issue at hand, I was advertising houses for sale on Facebook which are located in Lithuania and they do not fall under "Special ad category" in that country. As written here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/298000447747885 And Facebook bot thought that it was...
  10. A

    Facebook Account Restricted From Advertising

    Hello, I am dropshipper and my Facebook Account got restricted from advertising as I created a new page to advertise. Old page got penalty due to delay in delivery in the month of October( Some orders took 50 days to deliver smh. Lesson Learned: Don't use ePacket. After 2 days of running ads...
  11. Scyllla

    ★Facebook High Quality Business Managers / AD Accounts★

    What we provide: ★ High Quality Facebook Ads Business Manager - Access through business manager invite, which we leave once you join the Business Manager. ★High Quality Facebook Account - This account can be used to manage Facebook Ads without account locks. Business Manager Countries: ★US/EU...
  12. leftyson4

    Can You Spot My Error?? - Banned on Facebook for "Policy Violation #28"

    Can someone help me identify where I went wrong? I sort of already knew a lot about how to get around Fb bans, my last acct. was active for over 20 months. But this new one (I was using my Moms acct) I ran some page like ads first to warm up, then launched a safe ad to my "safe site" at...
  13. JYMMarketing

    My Completely WH E-Commerce Domain Blocked From Facebook

    So I'm just starting off a new e-commerce site: Going through completely WH methods and its a WH site, its a legitimate business. Facebook has already blocked the domain because the "content doesn't meet their community standards". Is there anything I can do about this? Do I need to scrap the...
  14. H

    Facebook ad accounts getting disabled after ad disapproval.

    Hi, I have got 3 facebook ad accounts disabled since yesterday. Whenever I was creating a carousel ad for my products it was getting disapproved and subsequently my ad account would get disabled saying you have violated the facebook ad policy. It seems the first account was getting disabled...
  15. tombraider9

    Facebook banned. Help in New account creation.

    One of my FB ads was banned and after multiple request, they still denied. I am looking for advice about new account. Should I create business account with same name with different ip, card and browser, or it's good to get new account. I have to spend big and only have one more card with...
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