facebook ban

  1. ronnieallstar

    Looking for Facebook Advertising help on Starting from Scratch

    Hi everyone, I'll try shorten my story here. I was banned from running or managing any facebook ads whatsoever 3 years ago now. Facebook went back even 5 years and just sending me ban ban ban emails for stuff I haven't run in years. Any ways long story short I am still to this day completely...
  2. clo.king

    What's important than CLOAKING to promote CPA offer?

    Some people think that just because they are cloaking their offer link or their store link, it means that they are ready to receive leads and sales! The fact is that the easiest thing in the cloaking process is to cloak the link, and there are many more things needed to make the process work...
  3. Yekxmerr

    Running eCom Affiliate Offers on Facebook + Lead Capture

    In the past i've run a ton of ecom affiliate offers (all WH) on Facebook. Had a pretty simple funnel: my landing page -> aff offer checkout. But i always got into issues with the accounts. Don't know why but Facebook doesn't like affiliate offers. Maybe people spam them too much. 1. Are any of...
  4. D

    Facebook fan-pages advertising restriction

    In the last days I've faced with the issue, when all the fan pages that I use for advertising on Facebook are being blocked. No matter what I promote. I've tried various ways of creating these pages, also I've filled out the pages with different content. But nothing helps - none of the created...
  5. Adriana Chan

    Here're some tips to operate Facebook to not be blocked

    Don’t add a lot of strangers and don’t accept friend requests from a lot of strangers A large number of add friend requests sent to people who have no contact with you will be rejected by many people. This state will cause Facebook to alert and determine that it is a spammer. Similarly, if you...
  6. N

    Facebook ban proof infrastructure

    Hi, can somebody please explain to me how buying Facebook accounts works. What I know now is that I need to buy an aged Facebook account (preferably made with an IP in my own country), warm the account up a little bit, start advertising slowly to warm it up more, and slowly build up. But the...
  7. J

    Does creditcard country has to match Business Manager country?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, have been reading on BHW for a while and got a lot of useful tips. My Facebook account + business manager got banned a while ago. Not fun, but sh*t happens.. So I have everything set-up fresh now, new aged account, business manager, new device,dedicated new...
  8. J

    Can advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? (Circumventing Systems Policy)

    Hey everyone. is it ok to advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? Afraid that if 1 page gets banned or penalized for receiving a low feedback score, the other page will get banned for circumventing systems policy. Thanks!!
  9. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  10. S

    Facebook Ads Keep Getting Rejected

    My ads keep getting rejected and I'm not sure why. I've read their Advertising Policy and Facebook doesn't even provide a reason for rejecting the ads, they just say "you're violating advertising policy. we reserve the right to reject any ads...." I've made sure not to include any personal...
  11. J

    Run Multiple FB Profiles on 1 Computer (Multilogin vs Firefox Profiles?)

    How do all of you run multiple Facebook profiles on 1 computer without any issues? I have already gotten a few different private residential proxies. However, I am currently torn between creating different firefox profiles (+ disabling webRTC), and using multilogin. I heard that both work...
  12. Z

    Army&Outdoor marketing on Facebook problems

    Hi, so I have this army and outdoor shop and recently I decided to try out advertising on Facebook. I made a post about a contest then tried to boost it. I put a link to our website so people can get a look at the prize. The problem is that we also sell knives, so Facebook automatically flagged...
  13. Chdead

    if your Personal Fb account got locked Check unusual IPs

    Hello Guys! I've been buying dropshipping fb ads for more than a year now and had more than $300k spent (no black hat) last month I had my personal fb account & more than 7 BM closed, my fb account kept Logging in/Logging out for almost an hour before everything collapsed and after fb...
  14. MrJackie

    Facebook Mega Banned My Account For No Reason

    Hello everybody, So the issue at hand, I was advertising houses for sale on Facebook which are located in Lithuania and they do not fall under "Special ad category" in that country. As written here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/298000447747885 And Facebook bot thought that it was...
  15. Sidex

    Someone to help me unblock my url from Facebook ban through live chat

    Hi all, it seems the only way to get my url unbanned is through Facebook live chat which is not available in my country. I am seriously in need of someone who can help me with this plz, if you think you can help me chat Facebook team to unlock my url, kindly comment below. Thanks
  16. J

    Facebook Obliterates Personal Acc and Bans IP

    Facebook bent me over, as it has for many of us I'm assuming. My personal account got completely disabled, not just my business manager, my whole personal. This was even after a good 3 months of spend on ads. I was running straight white hat and scaling naturally, not surprised this happened...
  17. William702

    Who can help me get my Facebook account back?

    So as the title suggests I have a old Facebook account I need to gain access to. The account was mine and in my name, it was my real account. It was suspended a long time ago. I'm talking years ago. I thought until now that it was lost forever. However after reading some stories online I think...
  18. B

    Appealing A Ban

    I recently received a ban on a rented account & have no idea why. All I did was replicate an already approved ad set. The new ad was denied and the running ad was disapproved retroactively. I intended on running blackhat but didn't even make it that far I was still running warm up ads wasn't...
  19. A

    A Noob Question About Facebook

    Hey guys, I'm new to BHW and would appreciate if you answer this question. Currently I have an adult site, traffic is preety low and was thinking to use Facebook to get more traffic by allowing people to share my site on FB.. I know FB doesn't allow adult, so can get around this? I heard buy...
  20. H

    Accounts getting disabled

    My accounts are recently getting disabled for policy violation. After few minutes of creating an ad I get hit by the notification that my account has been banned for policy violation. What could be the reason for it? Is it the images or text on my ad or the link to my website? What should I...