facebook applications

  1. Gokulanand

    Facebook app developer

    I'm a Facebook developer and I get approved Facebook apps with publish_actions permission every day. Looking forward to meet great folks here. Thank you.
  2. I

    Ho to make money off Facebook applications

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a database of music lyrics and making it a FB application. I notices some sites that look like shit but have a bunch of songs in their database and their position being pretty high on Alexa and I'm thinking that Facebook could offer a nice way to engage people...
  3. R

    Anybody got any of these Facebook apps? Or similar?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a few viral apps, random ones to increase the likes on my page. Right now does any one have any quiz related apps?? Or anything even better?? I will be grateful if someone can help me. :)
  4. L

    The App rocket

    Anyone used theapprocket.com? It was awesome software for Facebook but then it got sold and resurected, now you have to pay a membership, BUT IT DOESNT WORK and no one on SUPPORT responds to questions. They took my $60.00 but have given me nothing! A CON! anyone else got any experience with...
  5. james250

    Need facebook developer who can fix or recode fb viral app ineo

    Hello if you know what is fb viral app ineo, so you must know just 10 - 15 days before its patched and no longer working. im looking someone who can fix or recode ineo . im not a coder but i have a strong feeling that minor change fix the bug, because some people fix ineo by thereself or...
  6. S

    Need facebook lead generation app

    Hello, i'm starting with lead generation from facebook, but i'm looking for somebody that had develop a lead generation app or have experience in facebook viral apps I did show ineo, but their dissapear, can somebody help me? Thanks
  7. bewithme465

    How to create facebook applications

    Helo i am newbie in facebook, can anyone tell me how to create facebook applications like others do, plz help me out i am confused with applications how people are creating facebook application and earning money on them
  8. N

    We need a facebook application developer ASAP

    We need a facebook application developer (or development team) to develop a custom application for us. We are anticipating that the project should last 30 - 90 days depending on the size of the programming team. The programmer must sign a confidential agreement contract. Contact for more...
  9. S

    comdev clone/alternative

    Hi, somebody has a clone or alternative to comdev (hxxp://xxx dot faceb00k dot com/ comdev )
  10. E

    Facebook Like Share Button Content Blocker Implementation in a website.Facebook Open Graph

    Hello buddies, inspired by the post made by Megalomaniac Midget I implemented my own facebook like content blocker, but I added the share button also, so you have to click the share and like button to get the content of the website... if the like button was viral, this is...
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