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  1. secretunk

    Facebook ads account banned Try it these !

    1 Dear Facebook, I`ve got an unpleasant notification that my account has been for promoting ads that don`t comply with your Advertising Policies. I`ve read through the policy guidelines and found which policy I violated. I have now developed new ad creatives and new landing page that will...
  2. dontfarm

    [dont.farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    Trusted Facebook cloud accounts for your profitable advertising campaign. Special deal for affiliates who works with whitehat and blackhat offers. Our client's already successfully drive traffic for such type of offers: gambling and betting; nutra (health and beauty); binary options...
  3. HotAccounts

    Hello every money maker! :)

    Hello Good morning community. The reason for this message is to say that I hope to make many contacts as I can and even friends and better yet..be an active partner of people like you. At one time I would promote my services and would be delighted to team up with everyone and grow these...
  4. johnhustle007

    My FaceBook Ads Account Your Profitable Campaigns

    Hey, I have multiple facebook ads accounts, some are warmed up and others are fresh untouched. Accounts belong to real people, accounts are over 5+ years old. I have the account owners ID or drivers license to appeal if the ads account get flag. I'm looking for the perfect JV partner for...
  5. kavalerova


    Join the Family If you want to be part of our family here a few things you need to know: Maximus lives by one rule and that is Loyalty. Over the last 7 years I have only done business with like-minded people and over this same time - i have seen all the Facebook struggles imaginable! It is...