facebook ads account block

  1. secretunk

    Facebook ads account banned Try it these !

    1 Dear Facebook, I`ve got an unpleasant notification that my account has been for promoting ads that don`t comply with your Advertising Policies. I`ve read through the policy guidelines and found which policy I violated. I have now developed new ad creatives and new landing page that will...
  2. Y

    How long does it take FB to verify my ID ? Legit activity

    I was managing my ads and running some new ones, and all of a sudden FB logged me out from my account and asked me for a photo verification, I send in my photo then after 24h now they're asking me for ID verification, I've uploaded my ID and send it for verification and still waiting for...
  3. kvvni

    Facebook Ad Account Blocked - WHAT?!

    Hi guys. Yesterday night I created an ad in my FB ads manager. No blackhat. No restricted things. Just uhm... casual clothing, lifestyle brand. I was doing ads for this many times before. My ad didn't got approved. I didn't know why, so I decided to not create a new post, but choose an existing...