facebook ads acc

  1. Zhang Qiang

    Creat BM 80-80 Acc Unlimited

    First about BM 80: -BM 80 (Business Manager with 80 Acc Unlimited): This is acc quality suitable for WH Ads with 80 Acc Unlimited Spent( 5000$/day) *Next about resourse for creat BM80 -We need 1 BM has 1 account spent amount 300$ ( at least) for Whitehat Ads,Bill success 100% -We need 1 FB acc...
  2. secretunk

    Facebook ads account banned Try it these !

    1 Dear Facebook, I`ve got an unpleasant notification that my account has been for promoting ads that don`t comply with your Advertising Policies. I`ve read through the policy guidelines and found which policy I violated. I have now developed new ad creatives and new landing page that will...
  3. dontfarm

    [dont.farm] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    Trusted Facebook cloud accounts for your profitable advertising campaign. Special deal for affiliates who works with whitehat and blackhat offers. Our client's already successfully drive traffic for such type of offers: gambling and betting; nutra (health and beauty); binary options...
  4. H

    Need Help in Creating New Facebook ad accounts

    I have access to a good bunch of secondary business cards on my business account and I can also get new cards issued to me at a very cheap price as well because of my bank manager. I have been trying to boost Fb ad accounts and i was able to do it pretty well in January. I created a bunch of...
  5. Aditya Vikram

    Need Urgent Help for Facebook Ads

    Hi, I was successfully running fb ads for the past 2 months until today. Whenever I edit my ad set, this erros pops up. 'This is an oCPM ad that optimizes for conversions, but has no conversion specs.: This is an oCPM ad that optimizes for conversions, but has no conversion specs. Can anyone...
  6. Aditya Vikram

    Which Post Can Be Viral ?

    Hi Guys, I am running multiple fb accounts for different country targeting. Is there any way to get viral posts of that particular country. Any tool which can dig out the social stats of a particular website post ? Also, I need these leads for a long term. So any method to make sure the...
  7. pinky112

    How to get 800 Facebook ad accounts with your Business Manager

    Hello BHWers, this is what I believe if you do you might have 800 ad accounts because it worked for me. Now, you must first sign up with the Facebook business manager. After that, run some ads maybe into 500$ or more, it could also work with a lesser amount, I had spent about 400$ on my...
  8. Liam1102

    Pixel Fb, someone pls help...

    I created my Fb pixel on my personal ads account, someone pls teach me how to add my pixel to other Fb ads accounts? pls it is very urgent...
  9. bumisgood

    Looking for FB ADS accounts Daily $300 SPEND Rent or Want to Buy 2018

    Looking for FB ADS accounts in various countries US. UK,India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, ASIA ETC... Daily spend over $300 for each FB ADS acc I want to Buy one account at first time because each other is doing first transaction. But If there is trust each other, i want more FB ADS...
  10. cgt web

    whats wrong with my ads account in this pic?

    After a long dispute with Facebook, answering several questions, uploading my I.D and confirming my debit card finally got my ads account unblocked, this ad I got active about 6 hours says it's active but nothing is happening. does anyone know why?
  11. TheWhiteBear

    Facebook Ad Accounts (Ask me Anything )

    Hello , If anyone is having any problem with facebook ad accounts let me know i am in the game since 5 years and very much aware of each and every aspect of facebook ad accounts . I have dealt with all type of ad accounts ( prepaid , paypal , cc ) . So you can ask me anything !
  12. D

    Facebook ads help needed, also i can pay % if someone wants to help

    Hello everyone, I have been member of this forum for a while but this is my first thread post. I really need help for facebook ads as facebook keeps suspending my ad accounts i create and i really need ads for my business. I have an online shop where i sell mostly mens watches, and we use...
  13. A

    Facebook accounts banned

    Hi, I very very tired to know the facebook algorithm about creating account. These are my steps, but I get account disable after adding payment method Clear cookie, cache, flash cookie (macromedia panel on windows) Change IP (I have a dynamic router can change IP every reset) HELP ME!
  14. bumisgood

    looking for FB ADS accounts Daily $300 SPEND

    looking for FB ADS accounts in various countries (except India) my Daily spend over $300 for each FB ADS acc i can pay in a 2 ways. Bitcoin or paypal NICH is dating also i can run my ads variety of ways. treamviewer yes. invite admanger admin yes. 3rd party adespresso yes. provide acc yes...