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  1. robert_fb


    TO BIG FACEBOOK SPENDERS: We are offering Facebook Agency Account for rent for people who spend 10,000$ and up per day. -Our Ad account are very strong and you will not have problems with restrictions and getting your ads disabled, you can spend up to 1M$ per day if you can. *** CONDITIONS TO...
  2. R

    Facebook Leads Ads? Is It Worth It?

    Hey all, How is Facebook leads ads for home improvement leads, like people who need services for roofing etc, for all over USA. How much would an ad cost? Will I still be in a profit bcs of the expense of running Facebook leads ads, I have never ran any kind of ads on Facebook or anywhere, So...
  3. L

    Facebook verification requirement for pages affect running Facebook Ads?

    So facebook notified me that I need to verify my account for page publishing. So if i'm an admin of an fb page & run ads & don't verify, does that stop me from running ads for the page? https://fbtutorial.com/facebook-now-requires-page-publishing-authorization-by-page-owners/ ^this doesn't...
  4. K

    Real FB Accounts of Real People available for your advertising!

    PRICING: 250 euro per month per account. With multiple accounts we can offer you discounts. REFUND POLICY: Free unlimited replacements (only for white hat business). You can always cancel, so no forced recurring pricing Please go to http://realaccounts.solutions/ Contact us on skype: Real...
  5. H

    Facebook ads disapproved and page restriction

    Hi, my ads keep on getting disapproved and my page keep getting restricted after that. The reason Facebook states is unacceptable business practice. Facebook chat is of no help, they ask me to request a review with the internal team and the internal team always reply back saying they can’t...
  6. Spartan Accounts

    Facebook And Google Adwords Ads Accounts With Spend History For Sale/Rent. Full Money Back Guarantee If No Advertising Spend

    Real Aged Accounts With Old Campaigns For Sale/Rent. Huge Discounts Will Be Available For Bulk Account Buyers. Plain And Simple Accounts Service: - Advertising Accounts Priced From $200 - $1500 - Profiles Priced From $50 - $200 - There will be a $200 fee if you decide to use our setup How It...
  7. N

    Facebook ban proof infrastructure

    Hi, can somebody please explain to me how buying Facebook accounts works. What I know now is that I need to buy an aged Facebook account (preferably made with an IP in my own country), warm the account up a little bit, start advertising slowly to warm it up more, and slowly build up. But the...
  8. H

    Tracking pixel required

    I don't know if there is something wrong with fb or have they made any new changes to pixel setup. I keep getting this error when I am trying to publish my ad. "Tracking pixel required : A tracking pixel is required for ads in a campaign with conversion as its objective." Anyone knows how to...
  9. adconsult

    ★EXCLUSIVE ACCESS★ to verified FB Agency Accounts | Run your ads with ENTERPRISE-LEVEL benefits | min 1k ad spend per day | Limited ...

  10. K

    Black Hat, White Hat - Any Hat

    The subject of this post is Facebook business managers - Strategy and tricks to implement an effective method to spend money on ads from scratch. A thread for us all to share helpful insight into what is working for you and I am here to answer any questions in regards to what I am doing...
  11. Christion

    [Method] Facebook ad account banned? Create a stealth one easily.

    Facebook ad account permanently disabled? Don't worry. In a few simple steps, I'll show you how you can start a new one. The worst part is that you lose all your data (or some of it if you have a customer list) and have to start over again, but hey, shit happens, it is what it is. To create a...
  12. MrJackie

    Facebook Mega Banned My Account For No Reason

    Hello everybody, So the issue at hand, I was advertising houses for sale on Facebook which are located in Lithuania and they do not fall under "Special ad category" in that country. As written here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/298000447747885 And Facebook bot thought that it was...
  13. J

    Facebook Obliterates Personal Acc and Bans IP

    Facebook bent me over, as it has for many of us I'm assuming. My personal account got completely disabled, not just my business manager, my whole personal. This was even after a good 3 months of spend on ads. I was running straight white hat and scaling naturally, not surprised this happened...
  14. PremiumAds

    FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / BING AD ACCOUNTS FOR SALE Run High Quality Long Lasting Campaigns

    -We've had over happy 100 clients through 3 years and counting, plus we are the only Ad Account Seller that has been has selling for this long and for good reason. -If you think the price is too high because you can get a hacked account much cheaper, do know those accounts can be lost easily...
  15. Y

    Facebook Threshold accounts

    Hello, I was talking to one guy and he was providing $350 threshold accounts of facebook with $50 spend per day, how they are creating the account, anyone can help me out? Regards
  16. H

    Business Manager Account Limit -1

    My business manager is currently locked on ad account creation limit -1. I have made 3 payments on the single ad account that is associated with my BM but the limit is still there. I have never faced this issue and the ad account limit used to jump to 5 as soon as I used to make the payment on...
  17. imonboss

    [JV]My Facebook Ad Accounts and Your Profitable Campaigns

    I am looking for a person/persons who have highly profitable facebook campaigns and wants to scale it up. I will launch the campaigns in my facebook ad accounts in bulk but before that I will see how it worked for you. Please don't contact me if you don't have converting campaigns. I am not up...
  18. Takurah

    [JV] Facebook Ads account with Custom List

    I recently acquired the "custom list" ability on my ads account/ business manager. I don't use my ads account/manager :P If you need one and have an Idea for mine. Pm me or comment My account is fully enabled and active<<-----
  19. Susanta Lohar

    Facebook custom audience

    I have users' facebook id, Can we convert it somehow to Custom audience list?
  20. lutakno1

    FB pixel issu

    Hi, Im using instabuilder 2.0 on wp site.Running different cpa offers.I want to be able to create custom audiences for more niches.I can install more pixels on my site but page views will be triggered for all pixels at the same time.Is there any way that events are triggered separately for...