facebook ad account banned

  1. clo.king

    The best way to warm up your Facebook Ad account!

    When you start working on Facebook Ads, you should know that every step you take must be careful, so that Facebook doesn't disable your account. The most people who should beware are the people who don't have an ID of the accounts they are using. So I will explain to you exactly what you should...
  2. gymlet

    Skipping a Facebook bill after being banned. Bad idea?

    So I've gotten banned again on Facebook, note again, I was banned on my first real Facebook account and now a year later I've ben banned on this one. I don't know the reason, I can only assume they realize I've been circumventing their ban. Though it's weird that it took so long if that is the...
  3. Bob644

    Did anybody ever succeded in using a new fb ads account with proxys?

    Hello, A year ago my fb ads account got suspended. I tried everything like rent a private server, use residential proxys over gologin. Used a new device. But nothing worked. Do you ever had success with that? If yes please could you explain in detail how you have done this? Iam not searching...
  4. JulieWick69

    Facebook ad account resticted

    Hello everyone, I hope i can find my answer here. I have an old ad account has been resticted i am trying to recover it, the problem i can't request verification the button is gryed and also i can't verify my account, i can't also achieve to facebook support. When i try to use a new account got...
  5. K

    Real FB Accounts of Real People available for your advertising!

    PRICING: 250 euro per month per account. With multiple accounts we can offer you discounts. REFUND POLICY: Free unlimited replacements (only for white hat business). You can always cancel, so no forced recurring pricing Please go to http://realaccounts.solutions/ Contact us on skype: Real...
  6. adconsult

    ★EXCLUSIVE ACCESS★ to verified FB Agency Accounts | Run your ads with ENTERPRISE-LEVEL benefits | min 1k ad spend per day | Limited ...

  7. WhiteTiger69


  8. slickbrick

    [Agency] Banned Facebook Ad Account and BM. Worth it to buy aged accounts?

    Hello, I run an agency and dear FB banned my main account and business manager permanently after 3 reviews. I was running ads like I normally did. Is it worthy to buy used accounts and business managers or is it risky? I need to run the campaigns for myself and my clients. Do you have...
  9. R

    Dont.Farm | Side Back Profiles | FACEBOOK ADVERTISING

    Hey guys, I've just started use dont.farm facebook profiles for creating BM's ( E-commerce). But managing thru RDP is hella slow and annoying, do you have some tips how to have some side back FB profile for better and smoother manage? Btw. my IP is on blacklist, that's why I started use...
  10. K

    Black Hat, White Hat - Any Hat

    The subject of this post is Facebook business managers - Strategy and tricks to implement an effective method to spend money on ads from scratch. A thread for us all to share helpful insight into what is working for you and I am here to answer any questions in regards to what I am doing...
  11. B

    Facebook Account gets blocked everytime

    Hello, I would like to run ads on Facebook and Instagram. To do so, I, of course, need an account on Facebook and create a page and so. Now the thing is, that I don't want to use my personal account for this. So I create a new one, using VPN and so. But every time, the accounts get disabled and...
  12. J

    Can advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? (Circumventing Systems Policy)

    Hey everyone. is it ok to advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? Afraid that if 1 page gets banned or penalized for receiving a low feedback score, the other page will get banned for circumventing systems policy. Thanks!!
  13. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  14. J

    Multiple FB Profiles, 1 Computer - Rotating Residential Proxy vs 4G??

    Hi everyone! I want to use multiple FB profiles on 1 computer, and along with multilogin, I am deciding between either using a private rotating residential proxy, and the 4G from my phone. I actually would love to use a static private residential proxy, but sadly I can't find a provider that...
  15. J

    Run Multiple FB Profiles on 1 Computer (Multilogin vs Firefox Profiles?)

    How do all of you run multiple Facebook profiles on 1 computer without any issues? I have already gotten a few different private residential proxies. However, I am currently torn between creating different firefox profiles (+ disabling webRTC), and using multilogin. I heard that both work...
  16. Chdead

    if your Personal Fb account got locked Check unusual IPs

    Hello Guys! I've been buying dropshipping fb ads for more than a year now and had more than $300k spent (no black hat) last month I had my personal fb account & more than 7 BM closed, my fb account kept Logging in/Logging out for almost an hour before everything collapsed and after fb...
  17. Y

    How long does it take FB to verify my ID ? Legit activity

    I was managing my ads and running some new ones, and all of a sudden FB logged me out from my account and asked me for a photo verification, I send in my photo then after 24h now they're asking me for ID verification, I've uploaded my ID and send it for verification and still waiting for...
  18. Shabzy

    Marketing Pharmaceuticals on Facebook and Instagram. Banned on Instagram!

    Hello Guys, I am trying to find a way to market my pharmaceutical / steroid products on social media. I currently use facebook and instagram. I try to write informational posts with studies to back up my posts on instagram and post the same to FB. However, on three occasions my instagram...
  19. Futa

    How can I use FB ads on a fresh ID?

    Whenever I create a facebook profile and start a new ad after 20-30 minutes account gets blocked. I tried premium VPNs. What should I do to use a fresh advert account? Please suggest some cheap or free tricks. I am no rich guy.
  20. D

    Need advice on FB and Instagram ads solution

    Hi fellow members, I hope you can give me some advice on how to get FB ads up and running again. 2 months ago I launched my new dropshipping website (selling luxury goods/fashion products). I used to run Ads on FB for a week and have found that the engagement rate and clicks were pretty good...