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  1. Malxonx

    ⚡️ US Facebook accounts for sale, ⚡️ Professionally Created Manually Warmed, Real Friends, Activities, ⚡️ Ready for all type of activates

    We're selling Warmed Up, US Facebook accounts with Friends and full activities. We're experienced Facebook users and we use those accounts for a few activities, such as liking pages, commenting on groups, Shar other posts. All our accounts are professionally 100% Manually warmed-up. No software...
  2. M

    Need Aged Facebook Accounts With Activity

    Hey guys! I want to buy 10-20 4+ years old Facebook accounts with regular activity (at least once a month), many images and 300+ friends. They should either be from the USA / Canada or from Europe. If you have some, add me on sкypэ: moritz.fasching and send me the links to the profiles that...
  3. A

    In need of facebook account(s)

    Hey guys, just like the title says I'm in need of facebook accounts with at least 1k real US friends. pm me details of accounts if you have any or pm me your skype name so we can discuss the accounts. Thanks.
  4. G

    Best way to monetize 7 FB accounts with 5000 friends on each?

    Hi guys! I've got 7 FB accounts each with 5,000 real friends and 1k+ followers on each. They're all sexy British girls with plenty of pictures and lots more spare to upload later. They look like genuine people and have had interaction on posts etc... They've never been used for advertising...
  5. J

    10000 Facebook email id's to download

    Hi, I am newbie here..I just added 10000 facebook email lists...you have to edit the file to get email addresses...may be 5 hour work..Easy to do... PM me for facebook email list..
  6. T

    Need a Facebook Like!

    I review, like, tweet, and write about Popular and not popular Facebook Pages. If you have something unqiue or special I want to know about it and want to share it with others. Leave your Facebook Page here!
  7. M

    Will Pay $200 for Facebook ACCOUNT w/ 5,000+ targeted friends

    I am looking to purchase a Facebook account with 5,000 STRICTLY Asian American friends. Please let me know if you can deliver. Thanks.
  8. J

    WANTES Facebook friends pages with 4000 plus friends

    Hi guys im looking to buy facebook pages with 4000 plus friends that are a reasonable age. I am looking to get 5 accounts to start and if all go's well upto another 80 Im looking for well made pages that look real and have not been spammed cheers Rob
  9. N

    Fb application Jv Add friends

    Hi , I have a Good facebook application, which i am looking to monetise , If anyone who could add US targetted friends and help me make this application go viral , I am willing to split the profit 50-50%. If anyone who is intrested Pm me. Nix
  10. W

    We need Facebook accounts - verified with 1000-5000 friends USA, UK, AU, CA

    Hi Blackhatters, We're looking for Few face-book accounts (verified already) and with real friends basically from USA, UK, AU, and CA. We're looking for cheap and reliable service for a longterm partnership. No porn related acc pls. Acc with 1000-5000 friends. name your price and msn...
  11. B

    Facebook Event promoters needed

    Hi there, im promoting a event on facebook and need as many facebook promoters as i can get. Please provide me numbers you can achieve of your existing accounts to do invites to this event and prices. Payment will be made via paypal Per 1k invites. regards Ben.
  12. B

    Need Facebook Ads Coupon code

    I need Huge facebook Ads coupon Code . if anyone can provide me facebook ads coupon , then PM me. and quote me your price for $100 coupon code . thanks:cow_yello
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