facebook account disabled

  1. bmanfacts

    Facebook Account Recovery

    Hello! I am looking for someone who can help me recover my Facebook account. Aside from the personal stuff attached to it, my business interests (Facebook Pages & Tied Instagram Accounts) are tied to its existence. Special Notes: This account was disabled for being underage (I sent my ID in for...
  2. Intexam

    How to create Facebook accounts in bulk and manage?

    Hi, I am trying to create 30+ Facebook accounts. I tried doing it manually by changing different IP, changing device ID in Bluestacks, and changing browser while registering each new one but my accounts got disabled immediately after code confirmation. Is there a way to create accounts in...
  3. J

    Facebook account is disabled because copyright infringement ?

    Recently , my Facebook personal account is disabled . I had no idea which content get strike , there is no complainant , and no notice is given to me . FB is accusing i'm frequent offender , so kick my ass . so sad .. Anyone try before appeal copyrights case , in order to get back account ?
  4. MaxMal

    Your Facebook Account Disabled..!! Use This Links to Recover.

    Respected Friends, I am Max, I got 2 Links Which Can Help you to recover you Facebook Account. Link 1: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/313733425335072 Link 2: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1062444770553751 I am Sorry Bcoz In Some Country this link Will Not Work.
  5. Mr Rishav

    Your Facebook Account Disabled ? Maybe I can help !

    Has your Facebook Account been disabled and you have tried everything to open it and still not successful ? Maybe I can help . Just give your email and name of the profile and of course DOB I will try to open it.