facebook 2018

  1. T

    Need A Verified BM UK and To pay via Paypal - Willing To Pay A Large Amount To Help Set It Up

    Struggling to set up ads for my jewellery brand each time it gets banned. Looking for someone who can help set up a verified business manager in the UK with a high daily spend.
  2. Bilal Raheem 1

    Did You Ever Used Facebook's Watch Party ?

    2 Years Ago Our Group Watch's Movies Together, Then Suddenly Facebook removed the Watch Party Option From Their Site, Soooo We're Using Rave Now, Do You Know Some Better Ways To Watch Together Online? Or We Can Use Watch Party On Facebook's Old Version?
  3. Danny Crypto

    Can we still get leads from Facebook for e-commerce stores?

    Hey BHWers Today I was going through online media and had a topic where it was written that facebook is still fastest growing social network but does it still converts the traffic to leads? If yes then I really wanted to know about How to get the specific audience to run campaigns on them...
  4. James maxs

    [WTB ]Facebook Coupon Or Voucher

    Hello Friends, I want to buy Facebook Coupon Or Voucher For ads. PM ME. Thanks