1. A

    Facebook live chat with customer employees

    Hi, any one know how i can do a ive chat with Fcaebook customer employees, i saw a lot of videos thats i cant chat with real human on facebook business page i was doing ads on instagram using facebook, so now i made facebook business page and runned an ad for 5$ so i can see the "find answers...
  2. F

    how i can promote vero products using FB ads ?

    can anyone of you help me please ! i want to promote a branded products , how i can do that ?
  3. I

    Facebook Can't be active it Any help?

    My account personal can't be active it I answers all questions when i seen Answers these comments i skipe and a delets those comments didn't allow me to go next page You've been this shit?
  4. BloggerTonmoy

    Urgently needed FB accounts with marketplace enabled

    I badly needed Facebook accounts with marketplace enabled in India. Needed in bulk quantity. But I would like to have a test with 5 accounts. So please let me know if anyone can make a quick deal. I want to get 5 accounts within today or tomorrow. Thanks in advance
  5. FourArrows

    Social Listening Tools - 2019

    6 best social listening tools| 2019 Awario - Social listening + Analytics with Enterprise level capabilities Agorapulse - Social media management and monitoring for Startups TweetDeck- Handy tool to manage many twitter accounts Keyhole - Hashtag and keyword tracker for IG, Twitter in real...
  6. RedHulk

    Making Money Selling My Own Services On Facebook. Need Your Guidance :)

    I started selling my services on Facebook at the end of 2017. I made 2 sell - My price was just $20. Then I increased my price to $50. And made 4 sales. So the total profit was 240$. I think i could have made more sales but i was only selling services when i was i need of money. So i...
  7. M

    Help! Facebook ads

    Hey guy, i am running normally naturally set 1 more campaign it says this time no longer run, add new payment method. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HELP, HOW DO YOU WORK AND HOW TO REACH YOU AGAIN
  8. kimboisnumber1

    Need: Targeting Facebook Members to Group

    Hey there, looking to hire someone to target members from specific niche groups (which I can provide) friend them and drip feed them into my fbook group. I'm looking to hire someone to do this because I'm utterly useless at this myself. Please private message with rate and duration of service...
  9. P

    which is the best tools for facebook auto group posting?

    which is the best tools for facebook auto group posting? i found a tool www.pilotposter.com are there any better tools ?
  10. E

    How to monetize my videos on my facebook page

    Hi :) I'am looking to monetize my videos on my fb page i have searched everywhere but i can't find a tutorial please can anyone know how to monetize my videos on my page or send the tutorial how to do it. Thanks.