1. Matsuu

    Accounts for working on Facebook

    Accounts for working on Facebook. My headache. What is the option to get a lot of them and quickly? I'm tired of creating them and warming them up
  2. F

    Any cloak works in 2022?

    Hello everyone, I read many posts and review but those are not latest. due to lawyer sue and technical issues I am not sure which cloak will works on fb campaign currently. Any help I would appreciate
  3. Lincoln Rhyme

    Hi, Please explain to me the difference of marketplace account.

    I see my customers requesting a marketplace account. But I don't understand the difference between these 2 lines and 3 lines. Why 3 bars and why is it rare.
  4. jongmr

    it was me who fired mark zuckerberg

    yes it was me, I decided to not use Facebook again :smirk:. I heard after i fired him he got a jr vip and started selling in this forum (BHW). so I am planning to fire him again :cool:, guss how?
  5. L

    Looking for FB users database

    Looking for Facebook users database with IDs and user's info for the US.
  6. M


    Guys... the uniqueness score for multilogin is 99.45% and the second picture is for gologin surly in this case gologin is better for uniqueness for canvas finger printing no? Or am i reading the data wrong? This just shows finger printing feature is better than mutilogin? Considering the finger...
  7. Ruffaro

    Best way to grow facebook group from scratch?

    I've just started a Facebook group but have 0 clues on how to grow it. Does anyone have any tips?
  8. IcemanPPC

    Newbie joining the Dark Side

    Ok, not really the Dark Side but I could say I got your attention. Glad to be a new member. I'm mainly here to learn from the best and offer advice if I can. I've been doing PPC & Social ads for a long time. Primarily, I go by the book (hence the name ;)) but I'm willing to learn from the...
  9. S

    Facebook perma ban conundrum

    Had my 18 year old personal Facebook get perma banned. (Aka my request to appeal was denied) which sucks because a lot of my business contacts are on it. But whatever, it’s annoying but I don’t sweat it, I’ll just make a new one... so about a month later I make a new one. (New email, same unique...
  10. J


    COMPLETE TEE SPRING BUILD – DESIGN -MARKETING Thank you for reading my post, In all honesty, Tee Spring should be easy to set-up, even for someone like me, but I simply do not want to mess with any of the technical stuff. I am more interested in learning the marketing part of Tee Spring...
  11. Sundance60

    Hi again

    I am not new to BHW. My account got deleted because I had not used it for 3 or 4 years. I came back because I am looking for 4 aged instatram accounts and an aged FB account. I don't have enough phones to get the code i would need and I don't want my personal accounts tied to my business...
  12. pamiso

    banned Your competition in you ads facebook

    hi Guys i running ads facebook and i get a lot of click but no conversions i think most of all this click from my competitions. so there any way to banned them or make them can't see my ads thank you in advance
  13. H

    Hi everybody

    I joined this forum because someone has created a slanderous page on Facebook and I wanted to take it down. It is really worrying me and I don't want it to continue. I reported it and sent a defamation report to Facebook, but nothing happened and I am really concerned. Can anybody help?
  14. Boost2Pro

    Do you work with sweepstakes or e-commerce?

    Do you work with sweepstakes or e-commerce? Then read the article about Generation Z in which we described in detail how to effectively tune advertising to this audience. Read more: https://affiliatevalley.com/guides/how-to-advertise-if-your-target-audience-is-generation-z
  15. hazzi

    Facebook account problem?

    How do I make a Facebook account without id verification btw I have already tried vpns
  16. Y

    Video Monetization FB

    Where can I find videos to post on fanpages to monetize video content?
  17. RooT-00

    bypass facebook ID verification

    hi, guys, I wanna know how to bypass fb ID verification, any guide or tip will help TIA
  18. D

    I have 500 euros what is the best project to invest?

    What is the beat project to invest for the start? Can anyone explain the steps to make for good steps?
  19. K

    Help me

    How do my video ads reach the most people?
  20. MBECanada

    instant articles set up

    Hi, I had 2 pages with instant articles set up. Unfortunately, Facebook decided that we have minimal readership. Currently Facebook has updated the process of claiming your URL for instant articles, it asks for you to bring traffic to your website before submitting for instant article. Does...