ezine article

  1. F

    is ezinearticles down or is it just me

    Hi, is anyone else having issues accessing ezinearticles. trying to access a post but doesn't load, i can get to the main page of the website but for some reason when i click on insurance and then try to click on sub category for insurance it doesn't load. tried a couple of links within...
  2. L

    question about my content genuine level

    I try to write some articles at hubpage, usually, it goes live directly and after a while, some time it rejects my articles, either reason is quality issue or said my content appear somewhere else. (sometimes I hire a writer to write unique content, pass copyscape as well) In this matter, if I...
  3. U

    [Tutorial] Unravel Highly searched and Easy to Rank Keywords (Any niche)

    This is a tutorial on how to find great keywords! You can do this with or without Scrapebox but I will be using scrapebox in this example : 1. Open up scrapebox and type in the harvester field : site:ezinearticles.com ?This article has been viewed 2000..199999999? ?Article Submitted On...
  4. Ramsweb

    Ezine Articles Most Published Section

    Does anyone have any idea how many times an article has to be published to get on the most published section of Ezine articles. I have an article that has been published 65 times and it is still not showing up in the list. I am sure that there are a few who boost the publish count with some...
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