1. C

    Facebook Email Extraction

    I used to have a guy from Fiverr who could extract private email addresses from the users of Facebook groups. Anyone know how he might have done this?
  2. ShiningWarrior

    Getting wrong file size everytime with winrar and 7-zip

    Hey, I'm trying to extract a big file from .zip.000 files and every time I'm getting wrong file size i.e., not getting the full extracted data. There are 134 .zip.000 files so that's file.zip.001 - file.zip.134. Each file size is 500 MB so that's 500x134 = 67000 MB. Now I extracted the first...
  3. N

    Business owners Emails extractor

    We need assistance in acquiring personal email addresses for small to medium sized business owners, MDs, Directors, Partners, Proprietors etc (not Managers). We primarily require UK, Europe & Canada, France not U.S. There will be a monthly requirement of 100,000 to 200,000 for a minimum of a...
  4. D

    [Get] Extract emails from your bebo.com Friends

    Im not sure whether this has been posted before here is how it is done 1. Login to your bebo account 2. right click save target as the ''top friends'' link 3. The file depending on the amount of friends you have will be about 50mb. 4. Open any email extractor and load the file 5. Click go and...
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