expired web 2

  1. Shropdog

    how to claim web2's such as wix - zohosites etc

    Ive been busy scraping for expired web 2's and have managed to claim some on platforms such as tumblr, yolasite, strikingly etc etc, but i am having problems claiming on these platforms ( i am only wanting free web2 platforms ) wix zohosites I think a couple of others but i cant exactly...
  2. freemann58

    5 expired web 2.0 (yolasite.com) TF 10

    All of them are not registered yet. Be fast if you want one of them phenomenologymatters.yolasite.com - TF 10 Reference/Education - Science/Technology - Science/Social Sciences kathysprettypersians.yolasite.com - TF 10 Recreation/Pets jarmangolf.yolasite.com - TF 10 Business/Employment - Arts...
  3. Google_Rider

    Best web 2.0 Scrapper tool?

    Hello experts, Thank you so much for your awesome cooperation and making this platform so resourceful! Now, could you please suggest what is the best web 2.0 scrapper/software/tool in the market? I am not seeking for only Tumblr scrapper, but all possible web 2.0 properties. Thanks again. :)...