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  1. 3zero

    ★█★Giveaway Expired Unregistered Tumblr★█★ ✅PA 15+ & Ahref RD: 5+✅

    Go To This Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12RRbP_dmL_pFamUktqZe-MJBzP2-74jykqUwLicWt2g/edit?usp=sharing Note: + Use separate email and VPN when you register multiple Tumblr accounts. + I will update the list of 20 expired Tumblr every day so people can pick one or more for link...
  2. NorbGier

    Tumblr mass ban?

    Today 90% of my 2k expired tumblr accounts in database were banned. I register accounts using my own bot for 1 year and it's first time when my accounts are banned. Am I the only one affected by this ban?
  3. LeapOfFaith

    Tumblr expired backlink question

    I have managed to scrape handful of 50 PA+ expired tumblrs and plan to reregister one and point it at my money site. Some of them have 50K + backlinks. My question is, will it affect my money site negatively if I point a tumblr with kinda spammed backlink profile at money site? How to know if...
  4. Meerakat

    [Giveaway] Get Expired Tumblr's

    Time for another giveaway :) I am giving away expired tumblr's in any niche of your choice. The web2.0 will be scraped based on certain keywords so please do send me a list of keywords in order to make effective use of it. Requirements: You must have more than 100+ posts. I only accept...
  5. Yogesh1998

    [Need Opinion] [Poll] How many of you would like an Expired Tumblr Scraper for a small fee?

    As the title suggests, I want to know how many people would be actually interested in an Expired Tumblr Scraper considering you get it for a small one-time fee? I created the bot and I was thinking of selling it here. It will be a big investment for me to get JVIP and a BST up so, looking for...
  6. RealDaddy

    PA 31+ Expired Tumblrs registered with Unique IPs

    What you will get - 5 Expired Tumblr accounts [PA = 31+]. Registered with Unique IP address and Email address. Each account will have a Profile Picture. Each of these tumblrs will have 50+ backlinks. Manually researched and verified. No spam guarantee. PRICE for 5 expired tumblrs = $18.99...
  7. 3zero

    ✅Unlimited Giveaway✅Get Your Expired Tumblrs PA 40+

    Go To This Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YkcEFIthgDp2Ep6-x_5-wN2MJDZUU1cEpeFAG_S87LI/edit?usp=sharing Note: + Use separate email and VPN when you register. + The Account you took, please fill yellow color. I will update list for a few days to people can pick one for link building.

    How can i get push from this ex tumbler for my SEO?

    Any advises or helps appreciated>> https://imgur.com/V7XR5qG / my site https://imgur.com/M8603Be /tumblr

    i found 10 expired tumblrs with 500+ do follow backlinks each.

    first im a complete noob for seo. i purchased adsense domain with account for $100. then i started building profile backlinks and after a week my DA became 46 from 0.but my backlinks are very low and about 200 now.do follow is 8%.then i noticed about expired tumblrs and found 10 of them with...
  10. habibsoft

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    ★█★Unlimited Giveaway★█★ Expired Unregistered Tumblr PA 30-49 Go To This Links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fsa_YcyvPojCd9j3-wYV3lsTd5izLv-DCS9dJXfDoBE/edit?usp=sharing The accounts you take. All those accounts will turn yellow. Note: Please register by separate email and Ip...
  11. habibsoft

    ⛳Giveaway⛳ Expired Unregistered Tumblr Only PA40+

    Giving away 10 Unregistered Accounts to JV And Other Upgrade members And Also who have more than 100 posts. Requirement: 1. Upgraded members or 100 Post 2. Do not PM me. 4. Post Your Interest on the thread. Note: I have only given 200 BHW Member when it finish I won't able to give away free.
  12. nazmulfeni4

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    Powerful and Exclusive Service On BHW: I will create a Web 2.0 blog network of Expired Tumblr/Expired Weebly with Articles. Easily Rank your LOW KD Keyword Yes, you have heard absolutely right thing! I'm going to publish Readable Spin unique articles for each expired tumblr/Weebly blog...
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    I'm happy to offer Review Copies for My High DA expired tumblr service... What You will Get from my most popular Sales Thread 5 Unregister Expired Tumblr PA50+ (Each Person) Note:- Expecting your review in our thread (Mostly within 24hours) after getting unregister tumblr. If you are busy...

    FREE REVIEW COPIES - Expired Tumblr Links From DA & PA 40+

    I'll be offering a free Expired Tumblr Links from DA & PA 40+ {Limit 3 Links per member} Sales Thread: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/superhero-ranking-power-expired-tumblr-links-from-da-pa-40-with-1000-backlinks-12-5.1099052/ Steps to receive a review copy: 1) Post a comment here...
  15. ReliableSEOGuy

    How to mass check (XXX.XXX) http status? (looking for expired tumblr)

    Hey! I was previously messing around with scrapebox and came to the conclusion that the alive checker addon was returning a lot of wrong positives (if set to 404 as positive) and was kinda slow. Now I'm pretty sure this is mainly because I don't know how to properly handle the software yet...
  16. ak009

    High DA/PA Tumblr giveaway for backlinks and marketing

    Hello Everyone, I am giving away tumblr accounts up to PA 80. Example: https://1980sspacemothman.tumblr.com/ https://beautifulandbombastic.tumblr.com/ Requirements: I will transfer registred tumblr accounts to your tumblr account so you must have a tumblr account. Since any kind of list...
  17. ak009

    Tumblr Giveaway upto 80 PA for real Marketers

    Hello Everyone, I am giving away tumblr accounts upto PA 80. Requirements: I may ask for email on which I will transfer accounts. You must be active users. Only 1 account per user. I may stop/pause the giveaway based on my needs. Why I am doing it? Learnt a lot from BHW. It's time to...

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  19. G

    Expired Web 2.0 Domains with PA 30+ [HELP NEEDED]

    I have a question! I have found expired Tumblr, Weebly, Blogspot, Wix, Twitter and a lot more Web 2.0 domains using some tools and a VPS (kept it running for 8 hours straight). Yay! Great now I have found around 600 domains (or sub or whatever, you know how web 2.0 works!) with DA/PA of over...
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    Powerful High PA/TF Expired Tumblr/Twitter Account For Increase Google Ranking. Powerful High PA/TF Expired Tumblr/TwitterAccountcome with tons of benefits and there are a number of platforms that allow the Re reregistration of expired Web 2.0 sites like Tumblr, Overblog & Weebly among others...