expired domain crawler

  1. flashsites

    Domain Expiration Bot Help

    Hi Im looking to make a Domain Expiration bot to tell me when a site I want is available for purchase. I have no idea where to get this data but Im sure its open to the public. Where can I find it? Thanks *I dont want to use a service Im learning how to code so I want to do it myself.
  2. marcus7777

    [GET] Free Expired Domain Finder & tons of SEO tools - PHPSEO 2.0

    Hi guys! After some months of nice feedback from the users since the PHPSEO 1.0 launch: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/get-free-phpseo-tool-free-proxies-method.1288078/ I am happy to launch PHPSEO 2.0 If you know nothing about PHPSEO, you can check it and download it here...
  3. Hello Fello

    Google hitting expired domains?

    I have seen that Google are penalizing the money sites created using expired domains. The two unannounced major updates recently happened proves what I am saying. What's your view on this?
  4. Pruvia

    [FREE TRIAL] Crawlerie - Expired Domain Finder ~ Crawl any website for expired domains

  5. BlackhatseoLux

    Footprint Expired domains?

    Do anyone now some Footprints how can find expired domains or who expire next weeks?
  6. Doublet7t

    Expired Domain Crawlers Talk

    Expired Domain Crawlers I have seen some OLD threads on here that are talking about Expired Domain Crawlers, but they were very outdated threads. Does that mean those crawlers are not any good? I am just wanting to see if there is an open source domain crawler out there? I am looking for the...
  7. maryseowinston

    .org domain with authority links need your suggestions.

    Hi everyone I need your suggestions for the following domain Domain tld .org TF= 9 CF= 7 RD= 22 Backlinks= 50 1 year old domain. Clean backlink profile and anchors. got links from some authority domains. Was used for some kind of political promotions in last US presidential elections. So I...
  8. anonyblack

    Expired Domains Where to Find?

    Can someone tell me which is the most professional tool that exists to find expired domains? I'm using one that accesses other sites and crawls if you have expired domains. But the metrics are confusing, I wanted one that I type in the values of the DA PA TF CF metrics, number of backlinks, etc...
  9. WesF.

    Why does Scrapebox Expired Domain Finder auto close?

    I have been using Scrapebox for a few months now. It is still a very amazing tool to get a lot done. I have recently been scraping for expired domains with the premium plugin. I cannot sit and watch it or I would be unproductive. So, while it is scraping I go off and do emails, calls and other...
  10. jimbobo2779

    Domain Hunter Gatherer - Get BHW Exclusive Discount

    Introducing the key to your future private network success: Domain Hunter Gatherer v2 So what does Domain Hunter Gatherer actually do? In short: Find great available expired domains in your niche! And what exactly is in Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro? Really there is too much to fully cover and...