1. Fam

    This XML file doesn't appear............... [error]

    This XML file doesn't appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below : <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Request has expired</Message> <RequestId>8BB71A41A1869549</RequestId> <Expires>2012-04-29T00:56:54Z</Expires> <HostId>...
  2. A

    WhatsApp / Amazon phone number checker

    Hello I would like to buy a software/script to check whether or not phone numbers in a list have WhatsApp accounts or not, and filter out the ones that do not leaving me only with the ones that do. Or something similar but for amazon accounts. Preferably as a Php script that I can use simply as...
  3. HYDRA ceo

    PPI silent offline installs

    so by saying ''PPI silent offline installs '' ie . is there is a website or any way that offers me a software to promote and i get paid every time the software is installed offline.. for EX : let's say that i have a software of my own and every time a client installs it. another software...
  4. I

    Could you make out of python an .exe?

    I have an Python Project could I Export it as .exe file?
  5. S

    Does any PPI network allow to bind .exe

    Is there a PPI network that allows binding exes with softwares and uploading them ?
  6. youtalk

    Recreate exe program to run on Linux server

    I have a .exe program that I want recreated to be able to run on my linux server. (website page) I did not create the original .exe program, so it needs to be cracked to learn the source code and retrieve the data. And then recreated to be unique and refreshed looking.
  7. N

    Convert iMacro to EXE?

    I've been trying to find out if this is possible and can't find an answer. I have a few iMacro scripts that i wrote and i would like to convert them to EXE files. From what i've read it's not really possible. I did look into converting iMacro --> javascript --> EXE but it was beyond my...
  8. youtalk

    How to extract data from EXE File

    How can I extract data from an EXE File? Everyone tells me if can't happen, but there has to be a way. The data is there, just have to crack it. Right?!?!
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