excel formula

  1. A

    help regarding google scraping

    Hi please I need help regarding scraping google results exactly getting the number of search results for each keyword in excel or google sheets. here is an example, what I want is the number of each keyword (football, beauty, cinema) Is there any methods? Thanks in advance,
  2. JNinja

    [FREE] Excel/Sheets Formula Generator

    Hey BHW, Got another good find for a handy AI tool. I've seen ones like this before but they usually require you to pay for an account. This one is free to use without an account or with an account. How it works is you enter in what you want the Excel or Google Sheets formula to do and it will...
  3. B17zr

    EXCEL ISSUE Need A Hand Here, please!

    Hi there Do anyone faced this problem before? When i want to download the keywords excel sheet from Ubersuggest, the sheet came messed up it should have a different section like this: A B C D E...
  4. M

    Excel: How To Split Into Multiple Files

    I have a CSV file containing 100,000 rows. How can I split this huge file into 10 seperate CSV files of 10,000 rows?
  5. O


    I am looking for a formula or process to use in order to seperate comma-delimited values (all with an "@" symbol denoting a username) every 30 cells automatically. The list of values is consistently very large so I am trying to find a way to not do it all manually. Any help is appreciated!
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