exact searches

  1. A

    Help = Exact Search ranking #1 / broad search not showing up in Serps

    Hi all, Need your help once again. So I am ranking number one for all my keywords when i do an exact search. ie: "here is my keyword example", but when I do a broad search. ie: here is my keyword example, my site won't show up Its a new domain and with no backlinks ... Any advice??
  2. M

    Google Showing Fake Exact Searhes?

    Hey i just ranked my one website for a keyword after 1 month efforts. The keyword has 45000 exact searches a month but i am not getting any traffic at all. I installed analytics 4 times but same problem. Even i checked awstat its shows only 100 visitors. Even adsense and amazon didn't...
  3. sunseven

    Can you do exact searches on BHW?

    Is it possible to do exact searches on BHW similar to adding quotes to "search terms" like goog?
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