1. J

    The best UK E-SIM for creating TikTok UK based Account?

    Question is the title :)
  2. S

    I need help with proxies and sim cards

    Hello, I have been browsing this place for a few hours now and I get more and more confused. I want to run a personal page (max 2-3 account, but I will start with 1 for the first few weeks) & I want to target USA. I have an american e-sim, but I’ve been using NordVpn dedicated ip (capping at...
  3. sms-esim-proxy

    T-Mobile ESIM Available -- Unlimited SMS, Calls -- Use for 2FA on accounts -- Will send QR code for activation

    Hello BHW, We have T-Mobile ESIM available -- Delivered via QR Code Features in USA Unlimited Talk & Text (SMS) 5G mmWave & C-band 30 GB Premium Data 5 GB Hotspot Data Features in other countries Unlimited Talk & Text (SMS) - Must be on Wifi No Data - must be on Wifi. Disclaimer : If...
  4. systemad

    eSim doesnt support older iPhone models?

    Hi I want to target usa so I need an US sim or esim. I read online that esim only supports from iPhone XS and up, apparently it doesnt support older iPhone models? I was planning to use iPhone 6. Has anyone been able to use esim with an older iphone? Unfortunately, its impossible for me to...
  5. C

    Tiktok and eSim USA from Tello

    Hello everyone, I have a personal TikTok account with 280k followers. Until a few months ago, I was able to post content that went viral, but lately, everything has slowed down because it seems like I can't reach my audience, and I keep losing followers. Following advice from the forum, I...
  6. subfinder

    looking for esim that is supported on IOS 14-14.5 iPhone (USA)

    seems all of the esims I have tried up to this point aren't supported on the older IOS versions .. am I missing something or is this not possible and I need stick to physical sims?
  7. NeonBlue

    Phone number for new Telegram acc. eSIM and VoIP (Virtual phone number)

    In the future I plan to create a new telegram account for long-term usage. Don’t want physical SIM, so there’s 2 other ways as I know of: eSIM or VoIP (Virtual phone number). Yea I may only use the number for SMS verification, but I still want to have “unique number” for long-term. Plus it would...
  8. D

    Looking for E-Sim sellers!!

    Good day, I am looking for people who sell e-sims. If you provide this service or have someone who does, please respond to this post or contact me.
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