1. S

    I've been working on an Escort's website for two months with no results. Is it illegal/frowned upon?

    I've been working as an SEO for three years now, and this is the first time I'm having trouble ranking a page. Could it be that I'm doing something wrong or that Google is not allowing me to have success?
  2. M

    Making money from escort agency

    OK so iv been doing this in my spear time for quite some time now and i did make quite a lot of money from it but iv hit a few problems . Im looking for someone to help me with this as i wouldn't no how to start thinking of a way to pay someone for what i need I have been recruiting escorts...
  3. S

    Need Affiliate Manager for my Escort Directory

    Hello, Few months ago I launched an Escort Directory website and now is generating about 2k visits/day now. My main goal is to keep the website free of adverts, and I don't want to monetize the visitors traffic. So I'm looking for an Affiliate Manager to get me escorts that pay for advertising...
  4. J

    Looking For 4th Partner With Access To High Net Worth Clients

    Hi, I have a client who is looking for a 4th partner who for his part can supply the new venture/startup with either high net worth clients or alternatively clients who use the services of very expensive Adult services such as Escorts. This opportunity is open to anyone from Europe and may...
  5. lostgringos

    Adult Entertainment Industry $1,000 for leads!

    I need fit models to work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. I need a good Entertainment Scout to find me leads. Good pay! I need younger women who want to make over $1,000 a day in the first few months and much more later. I will pay you $1.000 for every lead that works out! Skype me...
  6. T

    Tessa here- newbie to site

    Hi my name is Tessa, im new and needing advice on how to advertise my site and recruit providers
  7. kajol4u21

    How to Boost Google Ranking of A Delhi Escorts Website

    Hello Friends, I am Rajani from Delhi, I am a SEO by profession. From some of my connections I got a Delhi Escorts website to promote, but I have always worked on general websites, thus I don't have any detailed data to work on it. My website name is classykajol will someone please help me work...
  8. P

    Noob Needs Help With Adult Affiliate Program

    I've just signed up with EscortDollars and I'm looking for the best way to get new affiliates. I've worked with another site before called SexyToyWorld but their commissions were only about 10% while Escort dollars offers 50% plus. So I'm not sure if I should use the same strategy of social...
  9. S

    What should I do with my domain? it's XXX

    Hello, I purchased a domain about 8 months ago with the intention of building a escort directory. I was not able to find a theme or cms I was truly happy with and thus and not done much with it. I think the domain name has huge potential. Would someone be able to tell me if its worth pushing...
  10. M

    Making money from escort directories.

  11. T

    Hi From Spain :)

    Hi, Been a member for a while now so thought an introduction would be good! I work with escort related websites, escort agencies, independents & escort directories & have done for over 5 years now. Originally from the UK but now I reside in sunny Spain. Regards, Tracey
  12. T

    Adverts on Google Maps & Articles

    Hi, Im interested to know if anyone can get my website/business advertised n google maps. It is a directory therefore covers many parts of the UK...I already have 1st Page GMaps listing for a few keywords. Reason I am asking is that I live abroad but my website is and I need a UK phone...