escort directory

  1. E

    Interested in buying escort related sites and domains

    Hello all yes you read it right, if you have any escort agencies, old escort domains, escort directories,escort blogs, escort forums, or anything else related to escort I am interested to buy it. PM me with info
  2. D

    5 months old escort directory ranks slowly: need professional help

    Good weekend! Ok, I am motivated, but I am stuck in some way ... . Since April this year I've set up my own escort directory in Belgium (Belgium only - not internationally) on a new registered domain. DA and PA are +30 and I have around 270 RD (75% do follow, mostly generic or brand anchor)...
  3. Veronique89

    Is there still money to make on an escort directory?

    Hi to you all and still my best wishes for 2018! I was wondering if there is still money to make these days with an online escort directory? The competition is hard, it takes much effort and time and in the end will there be something left to live off? Guess it's merely a thing of 2000 - 2005...