1. P

    Job offer

    Hi, we're looking for a few people to do data entry work. Preferably someone who just wants to make some cash on the side. Basically saying cannot afford to pay much and it is quantity based wage. The more you do, the more you get. The idea is around 10c an entry, meaning 10 for 1 usd. If...
  2. B

    Using subpages vs using blog posts as optimized entry points for SEO?

    Hi guys, I am new here and hope I'm following the rules, but if not I apologize in advance. Let me start off by saying I am primarily a fitness trainer, not an SEO guy so these questions may seem overly rudimentary?again I apologize in advance if that's the case. Anyway, I am wondering if it...
  3. HealeyV3

    [NEED] To Hire 1 Person for Manual Emailing for 1 Day (Min)

    I'm looking for someone that has a fairly good grasp on English, and knows their way around basic emailing programs. I have a RSS Feed list of URL's containing email addresses that need to be tailored to fit a user's needs. For instance, a user will say that they need X product. You will...
  4. H

    Captcha solving for any software, CLAD genius integrated, Myadtools.com software plugin

    Today is all about marketing and web is your prime way. Advertisement in blogs, social networks, etc significantly increases the efficiency of the business. Many services use pictures called CAPTCHAs in order to prevent automated use of these services. We understand that you can not do all these...
  5. B

    Mass Myspace Mailing

    I'm offering a mass Myspace Mailing service. I can send thousands of mails per day for very cheap rates. I can send mails to targeted traffic or untargeted at the same price (depending on whether you want views or sales). Below is my price list: 500 Mails - $12 (2.4c per mail) 5,000 Mails -...
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