1. crystalwiz

    Linkedin Recommendation and Endorsements [Exchange]

    I am willing to help Blackhatworld members improve their LinkedIn profile while I improve my client's. Let's exchange recommendations and endorsements if you are interested. Just pm me.
  2. N

    Looking for LinkedIn Followers, Connections, likes, and endorsements.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for LinkedIn Followers, Connections, likes, and endorsements for my client's profile. The Followers, Connections, likes, and endorsements have to be from accounts from the USA and preferably from the north-west ( Seattle area). Also, preferably from accounts from...
  3. A


    Looking to exchange endorsements with LinkedIn Premium Accounts, will consider other quality accounts as long as they are real and professional. Please don't reply unless your account is 100% legit. ONLY REPLY TO THE THREAD, DO NOT PM ME - I WILL PM YOU Once replies are made to the thread I...
  4. seoxz

    Need an Endorsement review

    For each each endorsement review you will get $1 for buying the product and than placing the review will give you $5 for each review.
  5. C

    LinkedIn Recommendation Exchange & Endorsements

    I have some initial success with a few members of the BHW to exchange Linkedin endorsement and recommendation. I like to scale up the volume as i lack a few good recommendation. I am gladly to reciprocate, but as a newbie i cant PM yet. so please pm me instead. or skype me on clayton.leung (with...
  6. SubhoC

    Celebrity Endorsements Arbitrage , Can this turn into a real business ? o.O

    Okay about two weeks a ago my uncle was contacted by a biz owner who sells 'Celebrity Endorsements'. I even posted about it on the forum about whether we should get it or not :/ We didn't get it because we thought it's just not suitable for us. Since then this idea lingered in my mind and I...
  7. SubhoC

    Getting Celebrity Endorsement ?

    My uncle runs a Local Restaurant in our area which runs quite well locally but he has been trying to expand his business and get more customers from all over the area. Yesterday he was contacted by someone who sells Celebrity endorsement and said that it could get him gain tremendous...
  8. Akuchi

    Exchange LinkedIn Endorsements

    I'd be glad to exchange LinkedIn endorsements with anyone. Feel free to add me on Skype: Benw2028 Just shoot me your link and I'll endorse ASAP. Thank you!