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  1. adconsult

    Looking for Custom Youtube Player / Embed

    Hello, for one of my sites I am looking for a custom way to host my youtube video without allowing people to click on the youtube logo or video title. Also I want to hide controls etc. My guess is there is some custom script that allows me to overlay an iframe. If anybody can point me in the...
  2. EimAmRhe

    Embed YouTube Videos Cleanly

    The standard YouTube player that appears when you embed YouTube videos on your website unfortunately contains many unnecessary elements that distract the viewer. I was wondering if you can somehow hide these elements for free. As far as I know there are two ways: 1. You can upload videos to...
  3. drumeggbond

    Putting non-iFrameable Content in a Modal

    First things first, I am NOT trying to clickjack - I don't even honestly know what that is or how someone would benefit from it - my question is being asked specifically for UI/UX purposes. So one thing my team loves about building sales flows with Facebook Messenger bots is that the native...
  4. S

    I could really use some help here

    I started a tube site using the Detube theme posting videos from Xvideos to get me started. The desktop version of the site is okay but in the mobile version of my site the embedded videos display ads from xvideos which cause the posts to not display properly. My site is pooterpoundersdotcom...
  5. P

    Embedding iFrame or Hyperlink in Blogs

    Hi everybody! Is is better to embed iframe or create a hyperlink to your Youtube video? I ask this because when i want to embed my youtube video this is automatically iframe and iframe is not good for SEO. Now my plan is to create Wordpress and other blogs where i post content with links to my...
  6. J

    Starting an adult tube journey

    Hello, This is my first time in this business, currently, my site is up for 3 days but im still tilted what to do next. Im done in placing some banner ads, putting over 50 embedded videos from xvideos. But the thing is, whenever my visitor click the iframe, it redirects them to xvideos. I have...
  7. J

    YouTube Embed Video Viewer Bot

    Hi Warriors, I´m able to create many Web 2.0 High Quality sites and embed my YouTube Videos in there. Than I push them with GSA and redirects to index them. Now my question: "I´m looking for a bot or a method to increase my views, using this embed videos. For example a anonym browser, opening...
  8. B

    HELP in WordPress stream site posting!

    Hi all, I am making a video streaming site on wordpress and i got some problems. First: There is a streaming site who has the same wp-theme as me. On that site the posted videos are embedded fully as the theme, i use the same embedding and the same link for testing but it doesn't work. Videos...
  9. A

    UrlEmbed.com – Embed any URL to responsive cards, API, article extraction

    1. Free Embed cards For every site what need place links or embeds. Now you no need get embed code from each site, only add our JS script to page and class for links. Features: - Simple using - Mobile friendly - Responsive block - Verified sites (5000+) 2. API Use cases: - Indexing, crawling -...
  10. N

    Embedding Naked webcam feed

    So I am building a few websites for some model friends of mine... they will be paid subscription sites. Once the user pays and is a member the model ( whom also cam's on Naked Webcam) wants to enable the viewers to see her live shows that she currently broadcasts on Naked . Does Naked offer an...
  11. orzyman

    embed clickbank sales page with an iframe into a wordpress blog

    ok guys can someone show me how to embed a clickbank product or a sales page into a wordpress blog using an iframe
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