1. S

    How can i make my money double by email lists

    Hey. I am a cpa marketer, i am doing email marketing to promote cpa offers. but i think it's not enough. because i have so much USA MALE email active data. so maybe i can promote affiliate offers through my lists. But i don't understand that which niche will work and where i got these offers...
  2. Waifu_tatyana

    How to monetize a vast college student email list I've come across.

    I stumbled upon an email list of around 100k students from different US colleges. Suggest me the best way to launch an email campaign (which affiliate programs/network works best for email promotion, can I directly place affiliate link/cpa link in email instead of creating a landing page , which...
  3. Blaqstar

    Best way to go about this email marketing situation?

    I'll get straight to it. I have a login to a directory that's directly in my niche (college students). Access to thousands of emails, person info etc. I scraped a couple thousand but how to properly utilize? I understand I cant use Klaviyo or something similar because they have to be "opted...
  4. R

    Email funnel strategy - passive or not?

    Hi everyone, When setting up and email sequence is it better to constantly write emails, or just set up a 8 week (or x week) sequence and never touch it again? For example lead magnet - free info.... - sell-upsell...--EMAILS STOP SENDING FOREVER Obviously you optimize everything at the...
  5. P

    Need Online Marketing In China

    I'm looking for a freelancer who can market the product and generate sales through website He/She can work on fixed income basis or commission. Interested people comment
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